Valkyrie Janet

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  1. the clothing is a little exposed, but other than that great artwork 👍

  2. As a Tara main, I attract bad boys ;)

  3. I would say that I am a magical creature, and if anyone kills me the future will change and you will regret it

  4. The luck based ones seem a little unfair and game losing one may be exploitable in solo showdown, or even worse in 3v3s, where some players may throw on purpose. Everything else is fine to me though 👍

  5. yeah, Stu is a dope guy, Bonnie is a menace and Janet is hot, easily the best trio in my opinion

  6. Bro what? Power 10-11 is a problem, the difference between a 9 and 11 is huge and it’s quite challenging to max all the brawlers. They just made gears unfair when you’re a power 9 against an 11

  7. K I wasn't clear. At some point you gotta expect a new power level, because who wants to open up a box to just coins, right? I do agree that power 9 against power 11 is pretty unfair, at that point level beats skill. I kinda wish that power levels won't make such a big difference, because pay to win players have an advantage. Each upgrade increases stats by 5%, so 100%, 105%, 110%, etc. There was also kind of a meme where bs needed money to sponsor MrBeast squid game, so there's thay

  8. They should have just added power 10, and maybe in a year they could then have added power 11. Power 10 is already a good amount of progression but they did an oopsie when they did both, not to mention getting enough scrap and unlocking all the gears and maxing all of that out, just way too much to deal with.

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