1. The Megalodon 30% Designer Keyboard provides convenience in any work on a PC, with 4 layers of macros that can be set, you are able to get your work efficiency boosted. With the USB HUB integrated into the 30% keyboard, you are able to connect 2 devices onto the 30% keyboard which simplifies your desktop wiring setups.

  2. What keyboard are these on?? Are these just renders?

  3. We may have the ability to distribute this keyboard considering of the interest that all of you have. Have a look at this IC if you are interested:

  4. The Keytok CTRL keycaps are semi-transparent, with 3 colorways. 122 keys are included in the set. This is a Group Buy and the keycaps will be shipped within 30 days.

  5. I also have the 38% triple knob and it's virtually bricked as my unit arrived with faulty firmware - no key presses register and it's not recognised by via.

  6. Tried middle port, and like I said, my unit is recognised to load the json

  7. I can’t imagine any world in which it would be cheaper, but $100 still feels like a lot of money for a plastic box.

  8. Huge mirrored-acrylic boards with mirrors are very expensive, which becomes more expensive when manufactured by CNC. The Aluminum frames are also CNC machined to ensure the same lengths between sticks. Weighted more than 3 KGs, the product is also very costly in shipping.

  9. https://drop.com/buy/keebmonkey-keyboard-wireless-display-box?defaultSelectionIds=969985

  10. It would be really nice if you could say what software you can remap the keys with. Is it running on VIA or QMK?

  11. South-Facing RGBs! Bluetooth! 2.4G Dongle! Gasket Pro Structure! Battery! PC Plate! Knob! for only $62!

  12. The Gasket Structure of the Cozy 75 keyboard delivers an excellent, round, typing sound, regardless of what kind of switch you are using on the keyboard. The hub behind the keyboard enables you to connect to other devices such as macro pads to simplify the wiring of your devices. The keyboard has 2.4G and BT 5.1 connectivity, and a screen to display the battery level.

  13. I’ve seen this on taobao yesterday. We can bring this to the market if you are interested.

  14. We just purchased 500 of these. Will include these in the macro pads.

  15. Why not use an anonymous Google form? The use of comments to upvote is quite confusing.

  16. Thank you for the information!!! We would absolutely do more formal ICs in the future. And we are sorry for being casual this time.

  17. Meet the Keebmonkey Mega-Budget MDA Profile Polycarbonate Transparent Keycaps. A very high level of clearness is achieved by the use of the Polycarbonate material and the high standard of the injection molding process.

  18. The Keebmonkey Wireless Display Box Delivers a warm and glowy light at night. The LED Module can be magnetically attracted to the case, offering convenience in charging when the battery is dead. A Radar is installed onto the LED module, which the box can automatically light up when people pass.

  19. Does this have something to fully enclose it to avoid dust?

  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/keeb/city-desk-mat?ref=discovery&term=city

  21. Since posting I've learned that this vendor is just on-selling stuff so I get that it's not a GB. Just seems like a cheap cash grab from someone hoping to piggyback on the recent growth of the community. Ez avoid

  22. We hate long-lead time products, and we aim to deliver products to customers as soon as possible. We haven’t listed a single product that takes more than 45 days to ship.

  23. Agreed. If hot swap is an option I will probably buy the Soy immediately.

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