1. Whatever happens, don't forget to cancel verizon. Don't give them any more of your money.

  2. For sure. I'm looking into re-activating our lines for a few days to port our numbers to Google Voice or something like that so we can go ahead and fully cancel Verizon.

  3. Get on their Instagram Twitter and Facebook and publicly call them out. I bet you get a better response.

  4. Guess it's time to find those old passwords again lol. Thanks!

  5. English uses the term "child" to define both an age group (minors) and a relationship (parent/child), so you'll sometimes hear terms like "minor children". I'm an adult, but my mom doesn't introduce me as "This is my grown-up, Tadpole".

  6. I'd be surprised if she did...frogs can't talk

  7. That's what we want you to think ... I mean ribbit

  8. 16 and wanting to get into obstetrics as her super important career.

  9. Good god. Can you imagine finding out someone on your OB team posted shit like this? If you hate kids so much, why in the everloving fuck would you choose to work in a baby-centric job? I guess some people really do just love being miserable.

  10. The same sub that will call you a demon for disliking dogs.

  11. I think they're implying even making the designation is a bit ridiculous.

  12. The word for people with children is parent. People who don't want children and very specifically never want to have them started calling themselves "childfree". Using "childfree" is just specifying "people who choose to not have children" rather than "people who don't have children". The latter categorization would also include people who want children but don't have them for whatever reason.

  13. I’m kind of fascinated that Paul would put Andrew Tate on this list. He definitely doesn’t fit that “good Christian” image that Paul puts on- I’m not surprised that Paul likes him, I’m surprised he’d give the game away by putting him on a list with people he unambiguously thinks are right about most things.

  14. Didn’t Tate convert to Islam recently? Seems like something good Christian boy Paul shouldn’t like.

  15. The whole place has a weird vibe. I lived there three years and couldn’t wait to get out.

  16. I found out my husband put Peterson AFB as his top choice on his dream sheet because he thought it would be cool to live in Colorado for a while. I rarely tell him no when we're updating his dream sheet, but I made him take that one off.

  17. “Thought I’d share” since I’m not able to string together an actual response.

  18. Oh I'm pretty sure she followed up with a video saying that redditors have too much time on their hands and maybe we should go to the gym instead. Because "hahaha ur fat" is the best insult her pea brain could come up with.

  19. Refused to take antibiotics after her water breaking and not starting active labor. Got an infection. Had to have a c-section at the hospital. Almost bled out on the table. Blamed the midwife for not telling her how important the antibiotics were.

  20. And wasn't the Black Friday sale price $700?

  21. Same here. I do actually have a lot of time on my hands right now. Just finished my masters (literally submitted the final assignment last night!) and the job I'd had lined up fell through. So I'm sitting here applying for jobs, being a housewife, and snarking while my cats play musical chairs with my lap. Gonna get a tattoo consultation tomorrow. Frankly, I'm enjoying my break lol.

  22. They can’t really. They were in the news a little back (earlier this year or last year I think) because Shaq bought them a bunch of shit like that passenger van.

  23. Jesus H., Karissa's seriously broken containment this time.

  24. That's my favorite one! Yes, nothing is 100 percent safe but WHY BRING THE NEWBORN. She's only doing it for a photo op and I hate all of it.

  25. Right?!!?! Bruh. No, nothing is 100% safe, but that doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't take simple steps to mitigate that risk! Riding in a car is unsafe--that's why most places have seatbelt laws and cars have airbags and bumpers and crumple zones. What the actual everloving fuck.

  26. Lifetime direct access to Bethany… I can’t wait for the Texas AG to come to us for receipts when he’s finished with Brittany Dawn’s case in early 2023.

  27. Hasn’t she already said that she’ll only be around the first week or two? Am I making that up? She flip flops around so much.

  28. And Birthy didn’t even announce til she was like 20 weeks or something too. And she’s still managed to make this the longest pregnancy ever.

  29. She's obsessed with body image and vain as anything so I wouldn't say this is necessarily all Paul. She probably feels pressure to get back to her old 'look' (she looks basically the same as it is, she's lucky). I get the thing of wanting to feel like your old self after having a baby but she was bodychecking and making sure we all knew she was wearing small and extra small sizes throughout pregnancy 🙄

  30. Precisely. Morgan's a vain, image-obsessed pick me. She's chose to wear Luca all on her own. She chose to work out all on her own. She's made a huge point of mentioning how she was wearing a size small in her late third trimester. I'm sure Paul is negging, but that doesn't mean that Morgan isn't an obnoxious c*nt all on her own.

  31. Exactly. Morgan's doing this because Morgan wants to do it. People on this sub need to stop fucking infantilizing her. She's a big girl who is capable of making her own piss poor decisions and capable of being an entitled, hateful bigot all on her own.

  32. Dude at this point, just start visiting churches and talking to the people there. One conversation a day? 3-5 profiles per day? Wild.

  33. It feels very infantilizing. I don't need some algorithm to give me a pre-set number of profiles and conversations a day. I'm an adult and very capable of controlling that myself, thanks. But then again, I'm a heathen who met my husband on Tinder, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. My childhood started out pretty Standard 90s Childhood™ with conservative religious parents, but my parents got progressively more fundie as I got older. By 6th grade, I was homeschooled, not allowed to wear shorts, and doing morning prayer circles with the family. My dad was always slightly less fundie than my mom, so we were allowed to do some secular things like read Harry Potter (*gasp shock horror*), but it was balanced out by only being allowed to listen to Christian music, only having approved Christian friends, only playing sports with Christian teams, etc. I was definitely just playing a part by 11th-ish grade. I was fully out by sophomore year of college (and luckily didn't attend a Christian college, so it was easy to dip out of my religious campus group).

  35. For anyone wondering, my French is rusty, but I believe the comment says:

  36. Thanks for confirming! I haven’t used French in a while 😅

  37. If you’re gonna do an “America bad lololol”, at least try to make it a relevant and realistic criticism. There’s so much content available there without having to stoop to something as dumb as grandparent names.

  38. She's historically kept pretty quiet about her political beliefs, at least partly because of her history as a country artist, but in her Netflix documentary and at least one subsequently released song, she made it pretty clear that she tends left on the political spectrum. In the past couple of years, she's publicly endorsed several Democratic candidates, publicly supported the LGBTQ+ community, supported March for Our Lives, and been vocally critical of Trump, Blackburn, and other big GOP names.

  39. No worries lol. I honestly had to look up most of that. I knew about the couple of clearly left-leaning songs she'd put out ("You Need to Calm Down" is LGBTQ+-affirming, and there's another one that I'm blanking on right now that was about voting or something like that) and that she'd been more politically outspoken recently, but that was about it.

  40. I take it right before I shower (no wonder Bethany thinks there needs to be a course on managing thyroid as she (I think) doesn't shower daily). It's helped me remember and it is before I eat anything. It builds a little wall of time between taking it and having food. I do have coffee forst thing, black. I figure that's ok as it isnt food. I won't charge for this niche course idea. Free99!

  41. I'm a "coffee for breakfast" person, so I remember looking it up at some point, and apparently you still need to wait a bit between taking pill levo and drinking coffee because the caffeine can mess with absorption. Some research says that the liquid form of levo is okay to drink with coffee though.

  42. Oh no! I've been taking it wrong! I just looked it up. No caffeine. Why isn't this on the label?

  43. It threw me lol. For a couple of years, I'd been washing down my pill with my morning coffee 😂

  44. Not to mention that Red Cross certification actually has the name recognition and authority behind it that is actually means something to people, even if they didn't already know there was a Red Cross babysitting class. It's been a hot minute, but back when I was babysitting, I remember people specifically saying they wanted potential babysitters to be Red Cross certified because it teaches stuff like basic first aid and CPR. Now, that wasn't everyone, to be fair, but it was enough people that it stuck with me and pushed me to actually get the certification myself.

  45. She's flat out said that she's "too busy" to correct her typos. Tried to blame it on being too busy taking care of Umlaut Jr, I believe.

  46. I did events in high school that involved public speaking, and the way our club trained us out of filler words was to have other students throw balled up paper at us for every “uh,” “um” or “like.” We were all close, so it was a fun way to work on speeches. Bethany would benefit from this exercise.

  47. "Um" is a habit I got rid of during my Model UN and teaching years, but I stopped most of my public speaking in the past few years and it's come back with a vengeance lol. I need this exercise 😂

  48. Not to defend this person being crazy, but Starbucks doesn’t charge more if you get a black coffee and add the various milk substitutes to it. They only charge more for a drink that they make with the milk substitutes

  49. Agreed. Person is crazy, but their point isn’t exactly wrong. As someone who can’t drink dairy milk, the upcharge for milk substitutes is really annoying. Starbucks is expensive as it is, and I’m guaranteed to pay at least a dollar more for my drink just because I can’t have dairy.

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