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  1. I look horrible on mid rise pants! Like really bad! And look way better in high rise ones. Is this an indicator that I might have vertical? Sorry for random question but I'm still trying to figure it out

  2. I personally look best in mid rise and tops that go right until a mid/low rise and I've seen plenty of SD's say they're not a big fan of high rise pants, so I wouldn't say that is an indicator that you have vertical.

  3. Ich habe Heuschnupfen. Kann sein dass das von meinem verschimmelten Bett kam. Seit ich ausgezogen bin, ist es leichter geworden und nehme sowieso regelmäßig Cetirizin.

  4. Ich kann dir nur empfehlen, das mit dem Zahnarzt zu machen. Ich bin als Kind auch in quasi Messi-Zustand aufgewachsen und mir wurde neben vielem anderen Missbrauch auch niemals beigebracht mir die Zähne zu putzen. Mit 14 waren die komplett vergammelt und ich habe mich so dafür geschämt dass ich mich nicht getraut habe, damit zum Arzt zu gehen. Ich konnte auch nicht mehr ordentlich sprechen oder essen. Ich habe es mit ein wenig Hilfe dann aber mit 20 endlich gemacht, auch wenn ich immer noch dauernd Termine abgesagt und verschoben habe, und es hat mir astronomisch dabei geholfen mein ganzes Leben umzukrempeln. Also wirklich. Soziale Interaktionen gehen endlich wieder besser, ich kann lächeln ohne Angst und das Zähneputzen jeden Tag gibt einem auch Struktur. Und die ganzen Schmerzen sind weg.

  5. Danke. Das baut mich sehr auf. Ich werde heute Abend mich darum bemühen.

  6. Part of the problem is how little wonyoung reveals about herself I think. She has every right to do that but ifans take it as an insult when an idol doesn't act like most pop figures in the West, who usually speak very personally to their fans and disclose a lot of their personal life. It allows haters to make up narratives to replace what wonnie doesn't disclose of her own.

  7. I can tell you the honest truth on ifans...on all these survival shows the ifans always favor the foreign trainees (in what I think is a weird projection bias). Wonyoung ranking high all throught PD48 and over Sakura really got the psychos acting out online. They put hate comments on her you tube videos for YEARS.

  8. Another thing I think plays into it inevitably is her physicality. The culture around body weight is so different in Western cultures that ifans jump on this girl and call her out for being so thin although she has never given them a reason to hate on her for it, like promoting dangerous diets, talking about her weight, nothing. Idk if it's envy or just plain gross behavior but ifans definitely have it out for her lol.

  9. A big head in proportion to the rest of the body makes a body appear shorter and smaller like in the case of tall Audrey Hepburn. I'm not saying Zendaya is also a gamine I don't type people . only kibbe does. I'm just sharing an observation ; Dramatics is extreme yang and requires a very tall vertical line something that I belive zendaya doesn't have .

  10. But a person above 5'7 in Kibbe has automatic vertical, thus she has it.. if you subscribe to Kibbe at all that's something you'll have to accept.

  11. Siren was actually pretty popular on charts. I actually think the most hidden amazing track of Summit is Noir.

  12. Sounds like these people are the reason you are struggling in the first place. They don't seem like a good influence nor good parents for you, very much the opposite, and I would try to stay strong, keep your head down and look for an opportunity to move out whenever you can. Normal parents don't chastise you for bringing home snacks, I was abused as a child and relate to this very well. Try your best to ignore what they say - play along but ignore it deep inside. Think as if the opposite of what they say was true. When they tell you "you can't eat cookies", think of it as "ah, so I can eat cookies, you are just insane". Do this with everything, it helps. :)

  13. Cheerleader by St. Vincent. I think it plays during the Blair and Dan fiasco at the party in S5

  14. Main vocalist trio from purple kiss , goeun , swan , chaein , they have really good vocals and a lot of potential . They are not talked a lot so I wanted to share what I liked from them.

  15. The live version of skip skip is the best thing to come out of kpop in the last 2 years change my mind

  16. Eh. Blair brought up her traumatic experience in an extremely vile way and used the death of a man to embarrass Serena at Yale. They were both pretty awful.

  17. Agree that they were both awful, but Serena at Yale was also one of the worst things.

  18. Don’t you remember why Serena did that? She was planning to apply to Brown until Blair decided to humiliate her and laughed at how pathetic Serena’s college is and how she can never go to Yale. She had the right to go there and visit, if she was invited, she just didn’t even think about this as an option because she was Blair’s friend. Blair ruined her chances to go to Yale all by herself, she can’t blame Serena for having the bad interview and the teacher incident.

  19. She didnt though (let's be real, inviting someone out to dinner and then not going is not hazing and that was a stupid plot line to prevent Blair from leaving the UES). Like I said Blair is awful too, but she mocked Serena for the stereotypes surrounding Brown and the people that go there and that she could never go to Yale, which - under circumstances of fair admission - is totally true. Blair may be rich but Serena has privileges even Blair did not have. Blair has the right to make fun of an ivy league school that would accept Serena despite her horrible grades, even though its mean.

  20. True, but KC can back up their popularity with success in the form of three consecutive EU Masters victories.

  21. Everglow, their music is always well produced and never ages badly. So many songs I never listen to anymore from other groups but their songs have insane longevity and it's sad they're not doing that well.

  22. I don’t see much vertical. I think the long black dress overwhelms you. I would say sn

  23. I would agree that it overwhelms her but it leads me more SC! I feel if it was shorter it would look much more harmonious.

  24. you can play for Alphari all you want but his time on VIT and TL should show that he doesn't know how or can't work with his team enough to carry the game from mid-close or mid-late

  25. i say the problem is alphari and selfmade

  26. "there's no way to predict it" but there is though? brave girls ranked last in round 1 and got 4116 points. loona would've won if they had received less than that. if i miss an exam because i'm sick with covid i get another try at the full score, not an automatic fail. what a dumb comparison

  27. jesus christ take a break from the Internet

  28. Bruh there hasn't been an assassin mete for four years, you're just massive copium rn

  29. Do you not remember the 6 months last year where every soloq game had 2+ assassins on every team. Talon and Zed jungle, something ring a bell?

  30. That's four years now? Yeah there was a brief meta with Zed and talon jungle at the near top but they weren't the only junglers then.

  31. You said there hasn't been an assassin meta in four years, there was an assassin meta that even sweeped into pro play and had people like Canyon playing it last year. You can talk around it all you want and Reddit may overexaggerate how dominant they are, but you're still wrong lol.

  32. Unrelated but that lowkey sucks for LS. Wasn't he in tons of drama when seeking a position at t1 bc his friend said something deemed insensitive against Koreans (I forget what it was so idk how bad/not bad it was).

  33. its worse, she said "this isnt the country where they kill dogs right? bc that pho was ass" or something. the implication of it was just so fucking rude man

  34. she also said the war in ukraine doesnt matter bc people die all the time and it happens and left c9 because she "felt like it" one night. she is not ok

  35. Yeah. The German football cup has a team from my home city (Borussia Mönchengladbach) that consistently achieves well. Granted they have been around for 50 years and the city is not as small as it seems (250k) but in comparison to giants like Munich it matters and small teams have made their way to the near top rrgularly. Our leagues are great.

  36. Assassins got used to a playstyle with exaggerated survivability because of bruiser items.

  37. clearly even riot is saying hey they arent as fine as people who like them being bad make them out to be by buffing assasin items

  38. because Riot is always right and our opinion is only valid if it aligns with Riot

  39. I do the opposite. I look at the sales and then base my menu off of it. We wound up having chicken legs for dinner 3 times this week because a store had them on sale for 69 cents a pound. You had to buy 8-10 lb bags and they looked like garbage bags that fell off the back of a truck, but I'm not passing up 69 cents a pound.

  40. 68 cents per pound? our chicken is now 4-5 euros a pound on sale. kill me.

  41. She has been writing atleast one song in almost all of their albums since 2019 (also had one credit in one of their songs from 2017, but I can't seem to remember it's name) but yeah some of her self written tracks are - Depend On You, Baby Blue Love, Rainbow, Make Me Go and FILA. So it's kinda surprising to see only 2 tracks being written by her on her solo album.

  42. As a casual Twice fan, I didn't know Nayeon wrote my two favorite b-sides of the last few albums! Cool to know.

  43. F.I.L.A and Baby Blue Love?? The taste?!?!

  44. Against a completely different team ridden with macro mistakes and misplays. Their best player all tournament (gala) barely showed up. I'm not gonna disagree that G2 didn't look like they were fighting but I'm pretty sure EG vs. T1 would've looked at least this dead.

  45. EG looked way better vs RNG, G2 have been outclassed every single game, wheres the EU banter now?

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