1. My Dad has been wearing some horribly cheap looking watch for years which looks like it could fall apart at any moment. I wanted to get him a new watch for Christmas and decided on this one. It's an Eco Drive so he won't have to keep changing the battery. It's his kind of style, I think he prefers simple designs with most things, and I wanted to get him something with easily readable numbers as his eyesight is not the best. I also have a Citizen Eco Drive watch, but a different model. I really like the look of this one though and hopefully he will too! This is the Citizen Eco-Drive BM8476-23EE

  2. I’m sure he’ll be over the moon with the gift, especially with all the thought you put into it.

  3. Doesn’t matter when he won’t make a pass to an open teammate.

  4. I was screaming at the TV. He’s such an infuriating player, seems to make progress then makes decisions like this one

  5. He’s portrayed, rightly, as an exceptional human who has achieved many great feats that most of us will never achieve. That said the main story that stood out for me in the book was one where he forgot to zero his red dot. This lead to a pretty funny albeit dark story during their op.

  6. Damn, that’s a steal. Congrats, they’re a classic

  7. Don’t go to La Liga matches unless you know for certain the dates.

  8. We planned to go and see Barcelona in Bilbao, they changed the day about 3 weeks before our trip so we ended up having to make some changes to flights etc to make the game. Was a proper pita but got to see some nice Spanish countryside on the train..

  9. The pair that started it all for me 🙌

  10. Really depends on the wear and tear. SBs and dunks in general get separation with the sole but they are glued and stitched so stand the test of time. I’ve got pairs from 2003 that are still going strong

  11. https://www.tuffcrowd.com/products/all-bite-no-bark-bone

  12. Picked up these peewees for a steal, however they are clearly in need of some tlc. The suede is patchy as you can see in the pics and I can tell from the smell they have been in storage a while.

  13. Subtle flex with the Jason’s too 🙌

  14. This comment just turned Shot Caller into a black comedy for me.

  15. I listened to a big herc podcast a while back, and the guest “badger” told his story. He was 18 I think, got pulled over on a nothing charge. Ended up being put in a cell with a sex offender and was told to kill him or be killed himself. Guy ended up doing 30 odd years. It’s crazy.

  16. Or folded ducktape. Thats how I did mine.

  17. I used aluminium foil. But same idea.

  18. Listening to his Shawn Ryan episode was awe inspiring and incredible. The things he’s done, seen and then especially his post service spiral. So humbling to hear him being honest about his struggles. Really worth a watch or a listen.

  19. What is the badge/decoration above the unit awards?

  20. Think that’s the old guard (3rd Infantry) unit insignia

  21. Robbie Savage has entered the chat

  22. I’ve got the shima shima 1’s. Now I gotta keep my eyes out for the 3’s. 👀👀👀. And tbh the airmax too, because those are fire.

  23. Shima 1s are my favourites but all 3 are fire

  24. The sling clip on the stock will give you away, things like a cow bell. Worth taping it up to muffle it.

  25. Goals. I tried getting my kid into dunks but she’s having none of it.... yet.

  26. Same. Thankfully managed to pick up a second pair a few months back. Forgot how much I loved that shoe

  27. Some of my favorite non-SB dunks. They’ve held up so well throughout the years.

  28. I loved these when I first saw them, love this photo too. But Jesus they were painful to wear, I just couldn’t live with the no liner

  29. Don’t sleep, they still aren’t comfortable lmao. The one thing I will give them is the quality materials they used. Where as my Union 180’s are struggling to keep it together.

  30. I got mine on release, tried them a few times but couldn’t wear them for long periods of time. Kept them until the travis hype and cashed out to buy a few other pairs instead. Agree the materials were amazing, I think I may have miss sized tbh, I wear my dunks loose and with NL my heels just got ripped up

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