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  1. Well, this is more of the book description: Porma has just moved in with Iteni, his old high school crush. This is his chance to start a life in a new city, sharing a bed with the girl of his dreams, every night. He is getting used to his new Maine home, when he isn't thinking about her.

  2. Out of curiosity, whereabouts in Maine does it take place? Don't need to be too specific but there's a huge difference between the southern coast and up in the county.

  3. I am not geographically savvy enough, haha, but I would say it is in a setting similar to Portland but mixed with my imagination as well. The story is set in a city in Maine so...Portland is the only natural candidate, I think.

  4. Hate to ruin it for you and be "that guy," but if you look closely you can see part of the dog's tail. It's not entirely invisible.

  5. I view it as more mysterious than empty. Like...what lies behind those eyes? Does it have dreams? Does it have a family? It it single? Can I change that?

  6. It reminds me of shark eyes, which I think is cool. And no. It is single, but you cannot change that. Nobody can.

  7. Fine, but I will require video evidence. You know...for the bet.

  8. Eh, we either wipe ourselves out or move on to a new planet so we stop killing our beautiful one. I've got nothing against teraphorming a dead planet like Mars, especially if it gets enough people off our current one to keep its jungles alive.

  9. I don't know what kind of pussy you've been eating, but the pussy I eat don't taste like no chips.

  10. I finally started writing at age twenty eight. Realized how much I love seeing my story written out and how much the few people who have read my work have been drawn in and care about my characters.

  11. It looks double ended...Take your fantasy football bromance to the next level.

  12. I applaud your dedication to doing the research I was too lazy to do. The writers of The Salton Sea(starring Val Kilmer) must've done their research. I highly recommend it. I am totally not Val Kilmer in any way. I didn't play Batman once, nor was I in any of the Top Gun movies. I certainly don't post on web forums because of his lack of vocal abilities. Go watch his movies.

  13. I applaud you, good sir and/or madam, for you have made me laugh this day.

  14. Writing a story with someone else, even a close friend, sounds like a nightmare. There has to be someone who is the creative force, which it sounds like you want to be, but it sounds like your friend doesn't want you to be as strong about it.

  15. Two days in a row he's referenced in this sub. RIP Travis.

  16. Hm, well, the first thing I want to tell you is that you’re going to need comps from today’s market. Abercrombie and The Witcher are appropriate as ‘tone setters’, but they’re both far too old to be relevant as comp titles.

  17. Thanks so much for your response. You've actually touched on my biggest fear in getting published. It's kind of like a compilation of stories in chronological order that shows her growth and keeps you wondering if she will end up being evil, but to tell the whole story would be about 1,000,000 words. It seems that no matter where I stop the book it feels like there should be more to wrap it up.

  18. To let you know, it looks like LEGENDS AND LATTES just got picked up by a trad publisher, so that might work as a slice of life comp. 'Legends and Lattes meets The Witcher/Some Grimdark Book' might work.

  19. I'm not one for jewelry, but the air conditioning is broke at work. I wish I was wearing one of those.

  20. Other than telling you to research like others have, the only thing I can offer is my personal experiences; a grandparent with Alzheimer's, and a family friend after a stroke. Most of what they appeared to be feeling was frustration and confusion. Imagine everyone talking around you about something you feel you know, and when you interject your view, they all tell you that you don't understand what you're talking about. And that is constantly happening. That's the impression I got.

  21. So, I'm afraid that I'm taking this way too seriously, and them forming a kingdom is meant to be a metaphor for a young homosexual couple settling in their own home together, but the idea just fascinates me.

  22. Guess I've got nothing better to do since I'm working all night.

  23. 18. "What? Your leg doesn't need to bleed again just 'cause my twat is. I'll go, I just wanna, I don't know, maybe not have it come through my clothes."

  24. 17. Very few girls had ever been so lucky to have somebody as knowledgeable and open as Allison to explain to them about their transition to womanhood.

  25. 16. She crashed into another combatant whose head cracked several of her ribs but slowed her enough to soften the next blow. When her left shoulder hit the doorway, it merely dislocated instead of shattering.

  26. Read the left side under "Home" and wondered what the hell was going on, but had zero desire to continue and understand it. Felt like some brooding teenager was trying to sound deep. No offense intended, first drafts are supposed to suck.

  27. For her boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever she is in to...I hope it is ha

  28. Got some names out of an encyclopedia of spirits that may fit your character while drawing from a "real" entity.

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