1. The Verdum managed to find/create an item of incredible magical power. They then set out to bring order to Siabrae lands by conquest, believing now that they have the power to minimize destruction. But when the great King/Queen of the Verdum dies from a brain fever, their eldest child takes the throne and is fucking crazy. (Probably inbreeding, you know how ancient rulers do) New ruler wants to annhialate anyone with the chaotic bloodline of the Siabrae.

  2. True, but I don't think vignette is the answer op is looking for.

  3. Some might disagree, but I honestly think that's a healthy outlook.

  4. Was wondering why everyone was having difficulty understanding the meaning of the post, then I remembered what sub this is.

  5. Do his looks impact the story? I think if you need to explain a person's looks, it's best to do it through others' reactions, but if it's not necessary then it's best to let the reader envision what they want.

  6. Damn. Readers or every day glasses? How old were you when you got the surgery vs now?

  7. Every day, but I really only need them to drive. Was 26 when I got it, 32 now...probably should have waited. Most of the time I use them on my head to hold the hair out of my eyes.

  8. It's a shame, that stereotype. The Russians have had historically bad luck with extremely shitty governments, and to the rest of the world, the deeds of the government are often lumped in with the nature of the people. But Russians themselves are good and strong people with traditional values and sharp minds. But, then, the same could apply to Americans; good people who are honestly just trying to survive under the thumb of their idiotic government, as well as a slew of conglomerates.

  9. Thank you! It's not often enough that people can separate criticisms of a nation's policies and its government from criticisms of its people. I've been called racist for for having issues with China, even though I was clearly talking about the government and not people of Chinese descent.

  10. That Jerry, always getting into wacky situations. He does make a good truck, though.

  11. I think it's a napoleon complex. My niece has a chihuahua. That thing is way overcompensating for its size by being aggressive.

  12. Sure. Lots of people smoke resin, but it's got a lot of dirty carbon in it, so it can be kind of nasty. I'm sure some folks like it, but to me resin has always been the last resort, when money or weed or both run out. Fortunately I haven't had to do so in decades. Try it and see for yourself. Ball it up and just put it back in the bowl and fire away.

  13. It's not something I'd do often, but to me it feels like a different kind of high that's enjoyable once in a while. I usually look forward to it a couple times a year.

  14. Honestly, after vaping flower and concentrates for the past 3 years, I can't even stand the taste of combusted flower anymore. It's sad, too, because I have all this beautiful, expensive glass that just sits now.

  15. For me it's the smell. Some people think it's weird for a guy who lives alone to have a bunch of candles. (I live in a pretty rednecky area) But I need them to fully enjoy a smoke session.

  16. I would imagine if you are writing a novel summary it should be short and to the point. I'm not too familiar with query letters, and the above may work for that purpose, but not as a book blurb. I would advise a 1-1.5 paragraph summary of the book to hook the reader in. Aside from that, as far the query letter goes, I have heard it is advisable to liken your book to other popular books to attract agents. You could add at the end of your letter that your novel is a cross between Game of Thrones and Lord of Rings or whatnot to increase their interest in reading your work.

  17. It's not meant to be a query (my fault for bringing it up. Sorry for the confusion) or blurb. A publisher accepting unsolicited manuscripts is asking for a synopsis. It has to between 1/2 and 1 page in length with size 12 font and single spaced. I've got about 3/4 page here so the size is right. I'm just wondering whether it flows well. Also, the end feels abrupt to me and I'd like to know if other people feel the same before I spend hours beating my head against a desk trying to come up with something better.

  18. So, I don't know if these are things you've already addressed, since this is just a synopsis, but there are a few things you may want to be careful about. Unless Shadow has a reason to be unusually strong/powerful, the goblin she kills should be a weak one, since she's killing it around 7 years old. And you may want to incorporate her having skills related to mugging/fighting early in the book, so that it is realistic. As far as the synopsis goes, the only criticism I have is that you should add one more paragraph to key into the end of the book. It just feels a little unfinished. I know you said it ends on a cliffhanger, but it might need a little more info here

  19. A background of how she became a pet, maybe. It clearly wouldn't have been her goal, but her own hubris may have been the cause. She might have been greedy in attempting to gain power for herself and the humiliation she is enduring is her punishment.

  20. Across. Not like I use it all the time, but I consistently type acrooss or accross. It drives me nuts. I've even thought about it beforehand because I knew the word was coming up and still did it as acrooss.

  21. IMO, sensitive topics will always turn a lot of people off. Either it reminds them of their own trauma, or they're just sensitive in general and will avoid those subjects naturally. I don't think sugar coating helps, and most of the time doesn't do serious issues justice. That being said, it's alright to imply many things instead of being explicit. I think the main thing is to stay true to the characters and how they feel, victims and abusers. Nobody and no situation is one dimensional. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Never speak in absolutes.

  22. If they have strong morals or principles, just show one acting in a way that the other finds commendable. If it happens both ways multiple times, you can show their thoughts toward each other slowly changing.

  23. I want the context so badly. Like was this how it was requested? Did they do this for fun? If it was commissioned, were the people happy with it? DID THEY EVEN DO ANY BASIC RESEARCH? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS ALL? I'm confusion.

  24. It's shaped like a heart. I could see some d-bag wanting it for a bachelor party or b-day party to represent his love for women's bodies.

  25. For most of what I read, I start because it was recommended. If I don't give up on the story, it was good. I will stop reading if I can begin to predict the twists or, and especially, if the characters feel flat. At least for modern stories.

  26. More realistic the wealthier they are. Kids are expensive and having them at an older age means you were reckless or well prepared for retirement.

  27. Thank you for helping me discover Joy Crookes. Like the others so I figured I'd give her a shot. Has not disappointed.

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