1. Every wrestling fan who grew up during late 90’s and early 00’s has done this dance at least once

  2. God I went through a period where I did the guns to the head pose for EVERY DAMN PICTURE. Complete with pooka shell necklaces and blonde highlights. There are somethings I def miss about being a teen and alot I don't haha.

  3. What was in red?? Why do I remember a yellow Diddy racing cart?

  4. it was actually DK64 that was the yellow cart. Diddy as far as I remember was only in gray.

  5. I played the hell outta the Backyard Sports series (Pablo Sanchez is the GOAT). My son has the PJ Sam games on his ipad now and plays them quite a bit.

  6. It was funny, when our son was born in 2015 just learning about all the new regulations that you have to adhere to now. My wife and I just looked at each other like "How the hell are we alive?" lol.

  7. I've been thinking about replaying BOTW in advance of TOTK, and now I am definitely going to replay BOTW just to get that horse and name it that.

  8. I tried I don’t think there’s enough letter limit lol

  9. Yeah I was able to name it Chungus, but not Big or B. Chungus

  10. I would think the only reason Bautista wouldn't get it this year is if The Rock was going in, which I don't think is happening. Otherwise it completely makes sense for this to be the year. It's Hollywood, he's become a borderline A-list celebrity and is about to have the biggest year of his acting career. He wants it. The fans would love it. He was already set for induction before COVID. It's beyond time for him to go in.

  11. If Rock goes in, do you have HHH induct him or Austin? Or Roman for that matter?

  12. Nobody embodies the term "all business" more than Nick Khan.

  13. You put some goddamn respect on Bernard the Business Bear’s name!

  14. I don't think that 100 million is net, just gross. Which makes it even more laughable. Its awesome that AEW posted 9 figs in revenue for being a 4 year old company. But to proclaim that they are "coming for WWE" is hilarious.

  15. Perfect summary. It's the biggest 2nd company since WCW folded. They are on a major cable network that has, by all indications, been very supportive of them. It's difficult not to refer to AEW as a success.

  16. I think what this has shown is that there is a viable market by just catering to the hardcore fans. If you are okay with incremental growth, you can make a run at it by catering to them.

  17. I do feel like the diehards who were actively campaigning for the WWE to topple under the guise of "I just want an alternative" have for the large part retreated to darker corners of the internet and noe everyone can just...enjoy the wrestling they like without reddit caresing each other.

  18. I'd love to believe that, but I don't see them going away ever. It is nice to be free of the "ThE FED iS DEaD" bs that made this place unbearable late 2021/early 22.

  19. i know people get carried away having fun at shows and it’s fun af to chant.. but i can never ever see a scenario where i’m chanting for a kid to throw back a once in a lifetime piece of memorabilia. getting that belt was probably an insanely cool moment for that kid he will never forget and i hope it wasn’t tainted by an arena full of grown men.

  20. The worst thing about being a wrestling fan is other wrestling fans.

  21. I got lucky right before Christmas by continually checking daily and was able to get one then, so all i can tell you is keep checking

  22. Hopefully it means we finally get a god damned Zelda movie.

  23. I'm going to the show but I only just got tickets. Agree with the comments about the lack of having a card hurting interest. That, and while there's solid matches announced, I have a feeling residents feel like they're getting the B-town treatment without the Bucks, Omega, MJF, and the like on the poster. Well, and feeling like the show was thrown together late due to not having a card announced until days before. Mox is cool, but SW Ohio always gets Mox featured. Always.

  24. I drove there from Canton to see the WWE vs ECW special show, its a great venue for a show.

  25. There really only should be one world title (for both the men and women) and having two is not only silly, but actively dilutes the prestige of being a world champion. I really hate the idea that every great wrestler needs to be a champion and there really should be only two singles titles for each division.

  26. I would be massively in favor of a new belt and a singular world champion.

  27. people forget that the Ezekiel feud was one of the best parts of early 2022 WWE and was a major featured part of every RAW

  28. Ezekiel went to Kevin Owens because Vince trusted Kevin Owens to get that over. That’s how valuable of a performer Kevin Owens is.

  29. Yeah this definitely sounds like Vince is placing trust in Owens to get someone over. It’s like how Miz & Ziggler are constantly the gatekeeper feuds for called up talent. And how Vince wanted Jericho to face Fandango for Wrestlemania

  30. 100% There's a reason guys like Ziggler stick around. They may not be pushed alot, but they are reliable, safe workers that the company trusts to get acts over, and help bring along new guys. As such they are well paid.

  31. Roman vs Cody will be the night 2 main event. Roman losing the belts after Jimmy and Jey have already lost their belts is exactly the kind of culmination of the Bloodline story you're looking for

  32. Which will then splinter off several battles between Roman/Solo and the Usos.

  33. Ratings are kinda unfair at this point due to the NFL season started right around when HHH took over. Now that MNF is done lets see how they bounce back. Prior to NFL they were hitting the twos so if they go back to that then the ratings will be fine.

  34. If you take the opinion of this subreddit, everything is bad, no one knows how to book their favorite stars, and a whole host of other complaints because I think that’s all people like to do here when it comes to wrestling. Complain.

  35. That's not just the IWC, that's fans in general. Fan is short for fanatic and they are fanatical about what they love. Even if they are given exactly what they want down to the very exact detail: they will still go..."yeah that's great but..."

  36. Maybe I’m weird, but I’d absolutely love if there was an endgame and you could kill all the monsters, making Hyrule safe.

  37. Mario Odyssey was kinda like this, but different in that Bowser is a perennial bad guy that just gets beat, he doesn't die and have to be reborn. As such he still has his minions to command. So maybe they could have done something where there are still pockets of monsters that band together for small little skirmishes.

  38. I feel like this happens almost every year lol. Fans become convinced that people who will absolutely not be in the rumble will be there, and then say "Lame, no real surprises" afterwards. Their own high expectations set them up for disappointment every time.

  39. and now people who also grew up with the console are starting to get jobs and obtain money, and have discovered it to be a healing outlet, which is why i’m here 👍🏻

  40. Yeah there seems to be a 20 year rule with this stuff. The Wii should start to rise in 26-27 because as you said most people that grew up with it are getting jobs and money and want the console that they grew up with.

  41. I had got this cart for a pretty good deal given its condition. “That marker will come right off!” I thought after seeing a lot of folks with success. Tried 90% rubbing alcohol and it didn’t help much after a good hour of scrubbing.

  42. Yeah I was looking at some of those carts as well and the ones that were a great price always had sharpie on them. I just stayed away for that reason.

  43. Very few hate Lebron anymore. The ones that do usually its an irrational hatred, or based on his political stances.

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