1. For generating a role-play dialogue on the fly, I use something like:

  2. Take for example: She is smoking vs Smoking is harmful.

  3. People saddle on to horses from the left side, bicycles were built with the same intent back in England with the driving on the left side in mind, that is why the chain is on the right sight, as well as due to older and some modern builds having rear cogs attached, and they will tighten the chain clockwise and loosen counterclockwise, that is why the chain is always on the right side.

  4. And most people are right-handed, which is why their sword is hung on the left hip, leading to get on a horse from the left side so as not to get the sword tangled while mounting...

  5. Interesting, thanks for sharing! Speaking of folk etymologies, what do you think is the most likely origin of OK? I tried looking into before but it was a little overwhelming with how convoluted the history was.

  6. Good luck with your studies. Grammar, punctuation and comma splices can be hard, but with a bit of work you'll get there sooner or later.

  7. Besides heat, WD-40, and more leverage, the standard thing for removing rounded-out stuck bike bolts is to gently hammer in a slightly-too-large TORX bit which will bite (despite the damage), and unscrew.

  8. There's no real logic at all to pron nor spelling in English. If nothing else, Friday is of Germanic origin, whereas Frigate is from Latin.

  9. I've got a wacky idea. What if to retrieve a body on everest you put them inside a giant zorb ball (the large human hamster ball) and then roll them down? The ball wouldn't weigh much taking up and you wouldn't have to carry the body down. Someone could retrieve it at a much safer altitude.

  10. The main prob I see with that is that it'd take an awful lot of air at that altitude to even come close to filling a zorb ball. Solar air compressor?

  11. As much as explosions are cool, the opposite would be true - it'd take less air than usual to inflate it at altitude, and it would deflate as it went down in altitude.

  12. Bummer. Drat those pesky kids laws of physics..

  13. More importantly, do you pronounce it SCSI, or SCSI?

  14. If you're looking to commission an artist, a few details would be helpful.

  15. It sounds like you're new and have no feedback - which often discourages hosts. How about posting your CS profile to twitter, fb or ig etc and have long-term friends write you a reference?

  16. The meter-plus-thick layer of rock at Tanis is full of ejecta spherules

  17. Besides the disposable email, and maybe a VPN, how about using an Oracle VM Virtual Box?

  18. A double negative ain't nothin' to get upset about - especially in an informal context.

  19. Hero (male ) and heroine (female) are nouns

  20. They might be for wax carving, which typically have much coarser cutting edges than those used for other harder materials.

  21. The serrated spreader is marked B&Q, so maybe try B&Q ?

  22. Working alone is totally feasible, with the right prep and care.

  23. Put the phone in Aeroplane Mode to prevent them remotely erasing it, then export whatever contacts etc and save to a personal cloud service like Dropbox or send to Saved Messages in Telegram.

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