1. So, for adults, 10y functionally doesn't matter. A 40 year old and a 30 year old dating? Sure.

  2. Honestly if I were rich as fuck I’d just buy a shit ton of houses and rent them for cheap as fuck. I’d buy ones especially close to universities/colleges because I know how hard it can be for some students to afford housing

  3. Crime in the US has declined for decades.

  4. Depends on who you were talking to, and where in the Midwest. I would assume salaries are 10-25% lower depending *where* in the Midwest, with 10-15% being common for cities with colleges, and 15-25% common for places with data centers but no local schools.

  5. I mean, Pittsburgh, PA had more millionaires per capita than any city on Earth... 100ish years ago. Carnegie and Frick were two of the three richest people in the United States around WWI-era. John D Rockefeller was the only one richer. (He was far richer, in a way where Congress made him his own tax bracket.)

  6. Most jobs that pay well and have long term stability require a lot of hours.

  7. I mean, the people driving *through* probably aren't who we should optimize city neighborhoods for.

  8. Citizens United; remove Super PACs and unlimited campaign spending.

  9. I tip 20-50%, and am wealthy, but not extremely so.

  10. Breitbart will go into absolute fabrication of stories, though; that's not bias, it's not even reporting.

  11. They link to other news…. There is no difference between fox and msnbc.

  12. I don't really like either, but Fox gets people angry, and more often than not, angry at the wrong people.

  13. I'm a 45 year old man and my doctor asks this every 1-2 years.

  14. Filtering should be legal everywhere, splitting is dangerous.

  15. Lane splitting (within the law, in California) is *far* safer than not lane splitting, weirdly enough.

  16. I like both of them in states where the other drivers expect them, because traffic goes faster for everyone, it's *safer* for motorcycles because you're exactly where people expect you, and... yeah, this feels like a win, for states with roads that are well-enough setup for it.

  17. I really really wish Fetterman was running for gov and Kenyatta for Senate. My vote went to Fetterman but I like Kenyatta a lot and I hope he stays in the game

  18. Kenyatta seems too young and inexperienced for the Senate. I wish he was aiming for lieutenant governor or House, so he could grow from there.

  19. He's great! But public speaking isn't the primary skill in that job.

  20. I trim my armpit hair down to between 1/8" and 3/8" with a beard trimmer, and it's way, *way* better that way. Norelco Bodygroom.

  21. Here’s an article that basically confirms it. The Nation is usually a well sourced publication.

  22. I find full remote for junior folks to be a red flag, best case. If part of your skillet is working with others on complex things, remote ain't good.

  23. I've lived in 3 cities. Pittsburgh's grocery competition really isn't unique... Like at all. If it wasn't giant eagle "owning" the city, it would likely be Kroger. (which isn't any better... trust me).

  24. Wegmans is in Erie, Maryland, Virginia... and is better.

  25. That is not likely to cover a whole lot for most investors.

  26. They need to not look like student projects that were assigned to you, but clearly appear as independent work, and still generally no.

  27. A buddy worked for Rick Perry, at the Department of Energy in the US.

  28. He's a researcher, why wouldn't he have success working from home when many other companies have officially went to full remote as a long-term strategy?

  29. He's a director of research. Leading a team of 100-1000 while fully remote is *tough*. I wouldn't take that job; it'd be far, *far* more hours and meetings to do what was easy if people are in the same place semi-regularly.

  30. lol, even if they are in office, most of his team are 1) unlikely to be all in the same office, therefore requiring remote meetings anyway and 2) too many to benefit from in person meetings. the only meetings that it would affect would be direct reports, which are managerial positions too, and therefore significantly harder to schedule on site and synchronize, not to mention the saved time from physically moving from place to place.

  31. I hear what you're saying, but have some direct experience in trying to do the job, as well.

  32. Are they taller than most people they interact with each day? They're tall.

  33. Once you make enough money to be doing alright, total comp ceases to be the primary motivator for about 80% of people.

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