1. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  2. I like geography and maths lol but I don't like programming, cs, or engineering stuff. Business is probably the one that I'll choose if I end up not deciding.

  3. I want to clear up one small misconception in your post—there's actually a TON of jobs in environment and geography stuff. If you can learn some key skills like ArcGIS, there's plenty of opportunities out there, so actually if you're into that thing, consider pursuing it!

  4. I've always been very good at maths and geography. I participated in an event related to agriculture and I guess kinda enjoyed it too but I don't know if working with hands is my thing lol. Also I like anything related to ecology, design, geography. I am a creative person but also with a maths brain so idk how to combine those. I have considered majoring in landscape architecture and urban planning at ubc but not sure if it's a good choice.

  5. I have finished calc only so I can’t comment on others yet but I found the calculus part way easier than the vectors part. Don't worry though, bc the vectors hard isn't super hard

  6. wait whats the difference between spares and bird courses? (I'm doing everything through OVS so I don't have real high school experience lmao)

  7. helloo, I have notes but im not sure if they align with the red textbook. Would you still like them?


  9. I quite literally begged mine but she said no lol😭😭

  10. both, but it depends what program too. I heard certain engineering programs weigh your calculus mark 3x when they calculate your average, but I wouldn't worry too much if you've got good ECs

  11. I got no ECs please drop some ideas :(

  12. How did you find it to be? I’ll be taking it next year even though it’s not required lmao but I might need it in the future

  13. calculus part is super easy but vectors...

  14. I do them all online btw since I am not in Canada atm

  15. its complicated but I have started 3 of my grade 12 courses and will do them during summer. Then the rest in September.

  16. you decide but, I think calc is wayy easier than adv func. Currently failing adv functions lmao

  17. drop chem n take data instead (more useful) + i don't know about physics and interdisciplinary, wouldn't take either

  18. well 1 deferred, 2 rejected, waiting for 3😭

  19. I had an average of 100 in G11 because it was online plus had amazing teachers. I was a try hard back then but now I'm getting mid 80s :,)

  20. Down😭 My average was 100 last year (yes, I was a try hard lmao). Now it's 87 but will hopefully got up to 92 cz of few exams.

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