The Mermaid, Rocky Meng (Jumo Studio), Digital, 2016

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  1. who the fuck ever said anyone was overreacting besides you? you fucking quoted me as saying something I never said and tried to brand an ideology on me that I don't fucking follow and people jumped on with you because Big Text

  2. Fascism walks on the carpet rolled out by the centrists who say “don’t panic.”

  3. alright. you're clearly pretty set on this idea that I am like, supporting my rights being taken away so I'm not gonna engage anymore. be safe

  4. I really wish you didn't just tell a subreddit full of minors that you gave good head. Did you not read the rules? You obviously did not.

  5. Google tells me it says "I don't think you should eat mermaids"

  6. Ok, Google translate also seems to indicate that merman is another possible translation for that word (Ning yo). What does it literally translate to?

  7. 人, read as nin, for “person/human”, 魚 read as gyo for “fish.”

  8. ill put a message in the discord to start it and make a new discord for it too maybe if I can figure it out.

  9. We’ve already got a subreddit discord. It’s thriving with thousands of cool members, and you or anyone is welcome to join. The link is in the sidebar.

  10. Yeah, people tend to wear shirts where they can. Since you can’t wear a shirt online cause you got no corporeal form, your only choice is to wear a shirt in real life.

  11. Are Nazi Femboys an actual issue that was/is happening???

  12. Sadly, yes. The Kavernacle published an extensive and well-done YouTube documentary about it.

  13. It’s everything Shin Megami Tensei wished it was. Pick it up, it’s good.

  14. I have such a diverse taste. I’m not sure what you’re looking for, what you enjoy.

  15. Do y’all not have a secret code phrase like MTF have for acknowledging fellow agents in public

  16. I was an ace femboy, before I transitioned. I'm still ace now too.

  17. they’re right and you’re fucking delusional. you don’t have to be a neckbeard to realize all those swimmers are getting fucked so that you can live in fantasy land.

  18. Every one of your comments is you picking a fight with someone.

  19. so you couldnt find a single politician that wants being transgender to be illegal. Your example is discussing children getting HRT, and you changed it to 25 to seem extreme. That is not true, I looked. They are trying to ban treatment of minors with hormones.

  20. This subreddit works to track and maintain a list of shipping and manufacturing times. The company that produces these, Retroid, is a bit of a black box, and only by sharing our collective info do we ever understand exactly when our orders, as a community, will arrive.

  21. I'm not familiar with this game. Looked it up and it turns out it's a PS2 game. RP2+ can play [some] PS2 games?!

  22. Someone I used to know would palm a blood capsule and burst it in their mouth, letting it dribble down their chin, while walking menacingly toward the now-very-scared creep.

  23. Great work! I got my drivers license when I was 35. It's never too late!

  24. Just out of curiosity, what are the worst examples? If you prefer not to share thats fine and sorry if my question oversteps a boundary i just never seen anything bad here (thanks to you guys!)

  25. I can't answer this question because then it will be putting the filth where minors can see it.

  26. I feel this as a fellow trans woman. This shit is incredibly rough on my mental health and feelings of personal safety living in the US.

  27. Yup, all this shitstorm flying around is making me be sad and cry a lot more often. :(

  28. That whole modern Final Fantasy aesthetic is here in spades and I love it.

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