1. I was so hoping to be trolled by a shot of a London street, with overturned bins and a beaten up Fiat Panda.

  2. As a carer I've had 6 booster vaccines now. Can honestly say that I've never once died.

  3. Going to need proof you aren't totally dead right now you liberal snowflake.

  4. Who am I kidding. I died each time. But I got better!

  5. Good job there was no ink on that needle! /s

  6. does a dick fart sound like a flute/whistle?

  7. They say when the fart bubbles roll in between the buttcheeks, it kind of makes it jiggle.

  8. If true, the sound now needs to mimic that of a trumpeting Elephant.

  9. I'm hoping for a slide whistle, so it could be timed for comedy value

  10. COVID is still a very real problem. Just because most have chosen to turn a blind eye is nothing but mitigating damage to their economies.

  11. Is it just me or does that look like it takes up an entire building?

  12. What show is this? Asking for a friend. Me. I'm asking for me...

  13. 30 year long Dev here. Happens to the best of us. It's generally completely unfounded and just you in your own head.

  14. I expected something significant. This did not disappoint

  15. I mean, yes, but it won't happen over night. Just look for something that excites you that you enjoy. Make that your job. Sadly, you have to work at it. As a species we seem to have walked our way into a corner where we have to work for most of our lives. It may as well be doing something you enjoy!

  16. I once called a friend a "fucking sandwich" in the heat of the moment. It became a thing whenever we saw each other.

  17. I live in Somerset, UK. The closest thing we have to armed intruders is Cider'd up locals demanding that they do in fact live in the place they have walked into, complete with a half drunk, sloshing jug of Scrumpy.

  18. Could be a lot worse. I expected a wang attachment in the other shots. Was pleasantly surprised

  19. what are the benefits associated with this?

  20. I'd rather go back to trying to blow up Parliament.

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