1. Tein joskus sähköliikefeissarille niin että olin silleen "ai kato moi! mitä kuuluu, pitkästä aikaa! Mitäs kaikkea puuhailet nykyään?"

  2. Juuri tämän olen myös haaveillut tekeväni feissarille joskus, tosin haluaisin myös keksiä jonkun tekosyyn poistua paikalta paljastamatta jäynää ollenkaan.

  3. I used to have this when I was younger. It was to the point where I assumed that if someone got mad at me and said mean things to me that literally meant they don't want to see me ever again or that they wish I'll die, so I avoided doing anything that could make someone angry in the slightest. I was completely unable to think of any other reason why someone would act angry toward another person. I don't think I've ever been mad at anyone (other than myself) in my life.

  4. I also combine the major and minor systems in my head and my own scribblings but tend to think about it a bit differently to this. I simply always call the major tonic I and the relative minor tonic vi.

  5. Mulla tuskin on mitään hyödyllistä sanottavaa, kun en ole melkein 28v naisena ollut itsekään koskaan minkään sorttisessa parisuhteessa.

  6. When the Harmony goes Im to IVmaj in Dorian and the melody highlights the movement by going from Sol to La. It’s so simple, and so stereotypically Dorian that’s it’s not super creative or anything, but it just gives such a musical lift.

  7. I get this! Also, as a video gamer since child, my mind always instantly connects this movement to

  8. Can you give us one example of a song that takes you to a dreamy place or guves gou goosebumps as you described in your post?

  9. She executed the door skip almost perfectly, it's insane that we used to think that was a TAS-only skip.

  10. The door skip was thought to be TAS-only for decades, yes. However it was only recently discovered that by setting the texture quality to lowest possible, which is what she did here, in fact increases the physics tickrate enough to make it barely possible for RTA. Very cool to finally see the first successful run with this strategy implemented!

  11. While G2 deciding to use the bug even after clearing it with PGL was a very questionable and dick move, I think there is no other way Valve would have fixed the bug from the game, at least not for a long while. If G2 had just reported the bug and there was no controversy, Valve would not have cared about fixing it at all.

  12. As someone who put IHC at 0-3 (didn't do my research smh) and Outsiders at 3-0, this could be scary. However, luckily I get my 4th pick from Astralis/TL and 5th one from BNE/mibr as I happen to have all of those chosen to advance.

  13. Luulin, että rikoksentekijät joutuu aina vankilaan loppuelämäksi. Sitten aina kuumottelin, kun isä ajoi lievää ylinopeutta ja pelkäsin että hän joutuu vankilaan.

  14. Anybody else in 16:9 stretched on a 21:9 monitor gang? Best of both worlds imo.

  15. Aloin tärisemään ja itkemään kunnes matematiikan opettajan ääni kaikui korvissani muistuttaen että suorakulmaisista särmiöistä voi luoda kuution kunhan niitä on tarvittavan suuri määrä.

  16. Muuten hyvältä näyttää, mutta sivun mitan olet ilmoittanut kuutiosentteinä tai -metreinä, vaikka tilavuudesta ei tainnut olla kyse. Tilavuudet noille kolmelle liemikuutiolle olisi 3 375 kuutiosenttiä, 27 000 kuutiosenttiä ja 4,492125 kuutiometriä.

  17. There are at least two different manifestations of this for me.

  18. What I've seen before for F/G in C major would be IV/5. The part after the slash is the bass note in arabic numerals because IV/V instead would mean the IV of V. It has been used for inversions as well, like I/5 being the second inversion of I, or IV/6 being the first inversion of IV, the numeral for bass note being related to the tonic. Though, for inversions specifically people also might use Ic, IVb etc.

  19. It could be either one, but it also could be viewed as being both the same time. The major tonic and its relative minor tonic can be both treated as 'home' interchangeably within a chord progression. You can look up

  20. Nope, not unless I imagine it consciously.

  21. I always liked this idea. Lonelystreams.com (doesnt seem to work anymore) and nobody.live did/do similar things.

  22. While tools like this have good potential for some wholesomeness, they unfortunately are often also used by troll groups to go troll a 0 viewer chat. Some people are pathetic enough to get their entertainment out of making fun of the people that are lonely to begin with.

  23. I was very underweight from ages 4 to 23 or so, in the bottom percentile (at some point bmi <16). Never had an eating disorder but I had very little appetite since being a toddler for some reason that was never discovered (I was taken a lot of bloodwork as a toddler to try to find out why). I also used to be extremely picky eater. Now I've been living at the lower edge of normal weight for ~5 years and eat about everything.

  24. This is basically a very confusing visualization of Riemannian theory

  25. I went ahead and looked this up, you are very much correct! Doing R / L transformations on the Tonnetz is similar to moving steps in this circle. The circle is also way more limited in this regard, since that is the only intuitive transformation here. Wish I stumbled upon this theory before, thanks for the hint.

  26. I have a graphic design suggestion: use many fewer colors, and use a plain background. Start by doing the whole diagram in black and white - black lines, white background. Then add colors only if they have informational meaning. Don't use colors for decoration unless they also clarify what your diagram is communicating.

  27. I appreciate your feedback, and edited in a plain color version of the circle:

  28. Hey nice! What's your overall handspan?

  29. I can very barely reach octave + fourth

  30. Still a little sloppy but this was my best attempt. It's a brutal exercise!

  31. En tee noin. Lapsena en pystynyt syömään ollenkaan juustoa, jossain kohti opin tykkäämään siitä leivän päällä ja kaikessa muussakin ruuassa, mutta paljaaltaan ei tule kyllä vieläkään syötyä.

  32. I once encountered a player in our team tilting hard, calling for a timeout and repeatedly doing this to drop 2 flashbangs on the ground on every disconnect. He then used the arsenal of the spawn flashbangs to grief our own team, of course. Thought it was pretty creative.

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