1. I'm also a lot like this. Though in mid-late 20s I have managed to find a couple special interests that I intend to keep for the rest of my life. I do have a history with about a dozen of hobbies that I used to obsess over (and in some cases spent way too much money on), that I stopped caring about mostly. I think this is totally an asperger type of thing, even if not the case for all.

  2. Another reason that there are overlapping symptoms is that because both are just a symptom-cloud with no obvious natural boundary they tend to get traits attributed to them in an ever-expanding fashion. As each takes up a larger and larger area of human behavior space it shouldn't be surprising that you see an overlap in attributed traits.

  3. I agree. So little of human brain is really understood that the diagnostics of ASD and ADHD are all somewhat arbitrary and based on how much they hinder someone's life (and the doctor's subjective opinions making the diagnosis).

  4. It seems like recently rule 3 has been constantly ignored by some submitters in favor of trying to add some kind of meme value to the posts.

  5. That's unfortunately how the trashiest of Finns dispose of their furniture, the proper (and legal) way would cost money.

  6. Tap+x technically counts as 2 keys right? There is a technique where you vibrate the pen taps with your arm muscles while aiming, and alternate two fingers on a single keyboard button with your left hand (or optionally just vibrate your left hand too on one button). I think at least 400bpm+ is possible with this technique.

  7. I would also recommend developing an ear for chord progressions. Starting from easily recognized movements like V-I cadences, IV chords, minor versions of these. Then expanding to all diatonic chords, 7th (or even more extended) chords, inversions, and finally to non-diatonic stuff.

  8. I've definitely been there. I remember being 5-6 years old with my parents and doctors trying to figure out why I'm so thin. I felt full after eating an apple. From that age to early twenties I was considered very underweight (at 20yo BMI around 16). It probably wasn't fully healthy to be that thin but I survived it with zero health issues.

  9. Giving out wrong advice on purpose is not competitive behavior at all. It's being an asshole and ruining the competitive integrity while at it. I'm fairly competitive but winning doesn't feel all that good if my opponents are also not playing their best. I always try to make sure that no-one forgets to collect some small bonuses that are easy to forget, to point out possible synergies that might be easy to miss, along other things.

  10. I thought that's his hand wrapped in a long sleeve, is it not? The guitar is resting on his lap and you can see the shirt being same fabric.

  11. Could be that heavy metal just so happens to be the genre of music you find familiar and comfortable. As such, listening to it to cover the annoying, unpredictable noises of the environment is bound to make you calmer. I have a similar effect with many genres, including heavy metal too.

  12. With relative pitch, you can learn how different scale degrees sound without the need for 'calculations'. This makes melody recreating pretty much instant and perfect pitch is not needed, or even preferred at all. I would definitely recommend getting an instrument so you can more comfortably explore the notes.

  13. Tein joskus sähköliikefeissarille niin että olin silleen "ai kato moi! mitä kuuluu, pitkästä aikaa! Mitäs kaikkea puuhailet nykyään?"

  14. Juuri tämän olen myös haaveillut tekeväni feissarille joskus, tosin haluaisin myös keksiä jonkun tekosyyn poistua paikalta paljastamatta jäynää ollenkaan.

  15. I used to have this when I was younger. It was to the point where I assumed that if someone got mad at me and said mean things to me that literally meant they don't want to see me ever again or that they wish I'll die, so I avoided doing anything that could make someone angry in the slightest. I was completely unable to think of any other reason why someone would act angry toward another person. I don't think I've ever been mad at anyone (other than myself) in my life.

  16. I also combine the major and minor systems in my head and my own scribblings but tend to think about it a bit differently to this. I simply always call the major tonic I and the relative minor tonic vi.

  17. Mulla tuskin on mitään hyödyllistä sanottavaa, kun en ole melkein 28v naisena ollut itsekään koskaan minkään sorttisessa parisuhteessa.

  18. When the Harmony goes Im to IVmaj in Dorian and the melody highlights the movement by going from Sol to La. It’s so simple, and so stereotypically Dorian that’s it’s not super creative or anything, but it just gives such a musical lift.

  19. I get this! Also, as a video gamer since child, my mind always instantly connects this movement to

  20. Can you give us one example of a song that takes you to a dreamy place or guves gou goosebumps as you described in your post?

  21. She executed the door skip almost perfectly, it's insane that we used to think that was a TAS-only skip.

  22. The door skip was thought to be TAS-only for decades, yes. However it was only recently discovered that by setting the texture quality to lowest possible, which is what she did here, in fact increases the physics tickrate enough to make it barely possible for RTA. Very cool to finally see the first successful run with this strategy implemented!

  23. While G2 deciding to use the bug even after clearing it with PGL was a very questionable and dick move, I think there is no other way Valve would have fixed the bug from the game, at least not for a long while. If G2 had just reported the bug and there was no controversy, Valve would not have cared about fixing it at all.

  24. As someone who put IHC at 0-3 (didn't do my research smh) and Outsiders at 3-0, this could be scary. However, luckily I get my 4th pick from Astralis/TL and 5th one from BNE/mibr as I happen to have all of those chosen to advance.

  25. Luulin, että rikoksentekijät joutuu aina vankilaan loppuelämäksi. Sitten aina kuumottelin, kun isä ajoi lievää ylinopeutta ja pelkäsin että hän joutuu vankilaan.

  26. Anybody else in 16:9 stretched on a 21:9 monitor gang? Best of both worlds imo.

  27. Aloin tärisemään ja itkemään kunnes matematiikan opettajan ääni kaikui korvissani muistuttaen että suorakulmaisista särmiöistä voi luoda kuution kunhan niitä on tarvittavan suuri määrä.

  28. Muuten hyvältä näyttää, mutta sivun mitan olet ilmoittanut kuutiosentteinä tai -metreinä, vaikka tilavuudesta ei tainnut olla kyse. Tilavuudet noille kolmelle liemikuutiolle olisi 3 375 kuutiosenttiä, 27 000 kuutiosenttiä ja 4,492125 kuutiometriä.

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