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  1. My doctor prescribed my month supply in 10mgs and 20mgs. That way if a pharmacy had either I could get it filled. Usually have to call like 5 different pharmacies and then call back doctors to have prescription sent to one that’s in stock.

  2. A lot of cheap pounds sold can be cbd with a bunch of kief shaken in, or sprayed with some distillate. Looks like weed, smells like weed, and you even get a little high.

  3. One time I was trying to trap a raccoon in a live trap and I used a 60mg pot cookie as bait. Skunk found it instead and was knocked out until morning. Another thing to consider, which may vary by state is that in a lot of places you’re required to kill the skunk (or have animal control). They are known carriers of rabies so they don’t like them being let back go. Also if you decide to let it go you have to take it like 15+ miles from your house and then it probably won’t survive anyway.

  4. Looks like it’s both to me lol

  5. Buyers market, average $500 a lb outdoor and $1400 a lb for immaculate indoor. Still not easy to sell at those prices. Also I believe they got rid of the residency requirements wait period.

  6. The food here is generally not great because they cater to the average population. Which is old white people who don’t like flavor. I just want a taco…

  7. I grew out in Humboldt for a couple years then moved out to Maine to grow. There are great genetics in both places but it’s definitely easier to find new genetics in California. The quality of my grow here is the same as Humboldt but I get about half the yield outdoor. The Mediterranean Climate out there is really ideal.

  8. It looks a bit dry to me. But what is it you don’t like from the pics? Diamonds are usually not my preference so I don’t get them often thus I’m not sure what it is you are seeing that you don’t like. I like a lot of sauce with them.

  9. A lot of people don’t like diamonds because they are pretty much just like distillate. Plain Jane without much entourage effect. I just like the way they look personally and thought this batch was pretty fat.

  10. 100% he has a trail cam on that trap now and is just waiting to call fish and game on you for hunter harassment. Police will not resolve this issue. 100% call fish and game before doing anything, they are the only ones able to help.

  11. If you have the whole room I would use the whole room. Staple that black and white panda plastic up all around. You can get a zipper piece so you have to unzip to get in the room even after opening door (helps with smell). Then I would put some big fat eyelet hooks in the ceiling (anchored) and use straps to keep a carbon filter up against the ceiling.

  12. If you can get a jack under start sliding wood blocks until you can jack the truck up a few inches from the base of the hitch. Should give the clearance. I jacked my tractor up by the hitch once to get it out of mud with a blown tire.

  13. I made it! Trying to find niche products to expand into as a Maine Caregiver.

  14. Are you already licensed as a caregiver by any chance? 🤞

  15. You can put a hash snake in a joint, crumble it on top of a bowl, or just smoke a big ball in a bowl on its own. It’s really melty, I’ve been wanting to see if it’s dabable like nice bubble hash.

  16. Not the best definition , but pretty much any form of processed trichomes/resin from the plant.

  17. If she likes bluegrass Molly Tuttle is awesome!

  18. When I was 12 I went as bubble wrap man which just consisted of wrapping my whole body with the stuff. A hat as well. I still remember at the end of the night when I took it off all my clothes under were wet from sweat because there was no airflow.

  19. The actor for DPR is my friends cousin (:

  20. You should be coming up right now, have fun!

  21. Personally, I would stick with mostly ketamine the first day, and move towards Kratom in the evening. Make cups of it and offer it to passerbys and make some new friends. The next day, spend the morning sober, do some yoga, just relax. In the afternoon, take some acid. I'd recommend 2 tabs. Personally, I'm very extroverted on acid, if you find yourself withdrawing into yourself in a way you and you want to be social, try to take a little MDA. After you come down, if you wanna keep the party going, start with some phenibut or ketamine. The next day, let your brain recover, try to smoke less pot than usual to let your tolerance lower a bit, your gonna want a low tolerance for when you're rolling, because weed is awesome. In the evening, take the MDMA, I know it's a pretty high dose, but I'd take 200mg. I like rolling on the last night, because you don't have to spend the rest of the festival with no seratonin. On the flip side, it might be nice to roll on the first night and make a few hundred friends. If you did that, you'd probably be offered free drugs for the rest of the festival. Make sure to just share with others and they'll share with you. Most nights, you'll be tempted to stay up through the night, but resist the temptation. Have an awesome time!

  22. You know what, you convinced me, boob pic on the way.

  23. So wait, pretty much if I make you laugh or feel sorry I can get a boob pic... What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

  24. It's just one small part of an overall person that I hate everything about. You know, the hipster in the coffee shop with free trade everything, posting on tumblr about white privilege and thinking they're better than everyone else. This is the kind of shit that douchebag archetype posts, and it makes me irrationally angry.

  25. Yeah dude, you're like so much better than those people. People who think they're better than people are so inferior to you.

  26. If they wanna stop tripping give them a benzo. A trippers best tool for changing the mood is set and setting. Maybe try changing the music and taking them into a different room.

  27. I'm 5' 7". I enjoyed "The Winter Soldier" too. No, Thank you!

  28. I'm 5'9 and 107. I'm skinnier than skinny Steve...

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