AITA for trying to help a girl at the gym?

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  1. Are there really gunna be curved walls tho?😩😂😂😂

  2. EA would pull some shit like that. What an awful company.

  3. I think it’s more he blamed EA for his burnout and demanded a 100K donation to the charity of his choice.

  4. While the take may be pretty true imo, it’s still a weird take to randomly make the headline. I thought sims community was supposed to be on hiatus anyway after Jovans 2 rants.

  5. I really hope all of these new locations and shops aren’t rabbit holes like the boba/smoothie store

  6. The boba shop is a playable thrift store actually!! So it doesn’t seem that way

  7. This feels SO robust I hope that if it’s the final expansion that they’re open about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be though.

  8. I have noticed that if you have learned a ton of recipes from City Living then the stove or refrigerator menu will be greatly delayed because of all the recipes you have learned in the past.

  9. Yeah it’s true I think it’s the most difficult post-cottage living with my sim that has level 10 cooking.

  10. YTA. Your post complains about your friend not wanting to spend time with you and then when they make the effort you complained and made an argument because you don’t like the location. Your response at the end is immature. I understand feeling like a third wheel, but that’s a separate convo and you’re blowing this up in a group chat. it’s very immature.

  11. I would love to see the “organizations” tab introduced in university to be used a lot more for after school activities - sports, band, honor society.

  12. Acne is a great idea!!! Would love some more after school stuff for teens only too.

  13. Also at least in the US we have opportunities to take classes for college credits. (AP and Dual Credit) that would also be a great option for geeky sims who want to work harder to skip a semester ahead in college. I thiiink it’s similar to UK GCSEs.

  14. I don't know anything about KXAN, but local "news" is the most biased and meaningless news - and many have very right leaning ownership and editorials.

  15. KXAN is generally slightly left leaning or in the center. they’re also an NBC affiliate.

  16. As an after thought doesn’t the overturning of Roe v Wade breach the UN charter of Human Rights.

  17. Yes, I believe it does because it lists forced birth as a crime against humanity. But it’s unlikely they would step in against a superpower esp because they haven’t for other countries without abortion laws. But this may be an exception because it was a right we previously had

  18. Literally that sounds exactly like my father. Just save it. Don’t waste your time anymore. They’ll literally never change.

  19. Yeah yesterday was kind of the last straw and I blocked her on everything. I’ll always hope that one day we can have a good relationship but I just am so tired.

  20. Omg you sound exactly like me. Hoping that they’ll someday actually act like somebody i want to be around lmao.. which ofc never happened. Please choose yourself. Parents can be gas lighters and narcissist also.

  21. It’s not the first time we’ve gone not contact (last time was last year from April to august.) but it is the first time I’ve completely initiated it. I might post here abt the last straw because I’m curious to get every perspective I can actually but thank you for reminding me I’m not alone in my experience and hopes!!

  22. What did it look after the dry cleaners? Because i took it and now it looks completely deflated and shriveled up. I can’t tell if it was their process or if they wash and dried it.

  23. I think after the 1st one it was okay but after the second trip the eucalyptus started breaking into clumps. I was able to get a replacement one by contacting customer service, so i recommend that! but that’s the only reason I stuck with Buffy. When I go to replace again I will probably try elsewhere. The filling is thinning out at the top where I pull the sheets up at night.

  24. Go to Lakeline station and take the metro rail downtown! If need be you could Uber from the downtown station and save a TON of money. Or rent a lime scooter or something

  25. Would it run late enough that we could get back home? It's on a Weds night and starts at 7pm, so I'd imagine it'll be 10-11pm coming back.

  26. That might be tricky because I’m not sure how late they run during the week. I think it might only run until 8 which sucks, I wish they’d expand service.

  27. Thank you for your comment! I was kind of feeling like I was alone in noticing the emotional neglect from Maia towards her twins. It’s like there’s a big disconnect, and she just says “Hi” to them very loudly several times & then continues ignoring them. It’s one of the first things I noticed bc it’s so sad to see that Maia clearly doesn’t have a natural maternal instinct towards her babies. I’ve definitely noticed the emotional neglect & I worry how it’s going to affect her babies in the long term. Anyway, you’re the first person I’ve seen comment about other types of neglect. Also I never see toys that will help with the twins developmental skills, or toys just for fun. Not saying there aren’t any toys at all, bc idk if that’s accurate bc I don’t watch her channel. I just know when the babies crawl up to her while she’s filming she either completely ignores them, or she picks one of them up, usually her obvious favorite twin, to hold up in front of the camera for a few minutes. It’s just sad all around to see the emotional disconnect between Maia & her babies. Emotional neglect is just as bad as physical & mental neglect imo.

  28. There’s a whole room pretty much dedicated to their play pen and toys. Not snark, but if you don’t watch her vids it’s not frequently featured so it’s easy to not know.

  29. Personally, if the babies are enjoying themselves and entertained then it’s not a problem. As long as she keeps a watchful eye and checks in on them.

  30. YTA. People work out for all sorts of reasons and muscle growth may not be her goal. You sat there insisting she do something your way when you don’t know her and she didn’t ask instead of leaving her alone.

  31. IUDs and implants have gotten much more mainstream in the last decade. They're lower doses of the hormones and a steady supply instead of a week of placebo pills each month.

  32. That’s fair, although I’ve heard nightmare stories of IUDs. But I have considered the implant previously.

  33. NTA and he seems like a really inconsiderate partner. Esp now that he and his family are harassing you.

  34. My only thing is I think Shake It Off is amazing. Music is subjective though. I’ve always thought Bad Blood was easily the worst of the 1989 singles, I think because the music itself is too simple.

  35. See I thought shake it off was kind of childish but the rest of the album is such a banger. However, I also was someone who had a phase of not liking Taylor and 1989 shook me out of it (no pun intended)

  36. I actually deeply connect to Shake It Off because sometimes I have the habit of ruminating on things or worrying what people think of me (I have social anxiety lol). It sounds soooo dumb to say this about “Shake It Off” but… that song is super meaningful to me. It’s so upbeat and catchy too. I know a lot of people don’t love it, and I appreciate Taylor’s deep cuts too, but I always thought Shake It Off deserved all the success it got.

  37. Fair! I think the message is great and definitely something that resonates with me and others, i just didn’t love the delivery.

  38. I know I’m a 🤡🤡🤡 but Zoe’s outfit here made me think of bad blood tbh. I don’t think it’s an Easter egg but I have 1989 on the brain

  39. She’s gotta be featuring on a 1989 vault track….. aside from her new album that’s my hunch lol

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