1. Please no. Don't ruin any more NT players

  2. ser youtuber dá equivalência ao 12º ano?

  3. Não, tens de repetir a primária

  4. Mesopotamia isn't even between the rivers 0/10

  5. Human beings are allowed to love who they love but that class statement is ridiculous.

  6. so under 18 keep them with the U23/U19 squads. Over 18 send them on loan because more play time is better then no play time. As for training you can pick a club that has decent training facilities

  7. What if you play them regularly in the first team? Would that be better or worse than what you said

  8. It's just sad, but i dont know if there is anything that can be done. Reddit is very English oriented. So of course majority of people will watch PL.

  9. It took the premier league and sky 30 years to fine tune their massive media machine. Only Spain are on the right path, or close to it. Many leagues haven't even centralized tv rights, like ours

  10. Don't forget about portuguese with non-portuguese flairs 👀

  11. We call those plastics. Unless you're actually Fábio Carvalho, then I love you and please never play for England thanks 😊

  12. I moan about the Italian press a lot, and I see English people do the same about the British press (and Americans about American media, Germans about German media etc etc) so I kind of just assumed they were all equally awful

  13. Correio da Manhã is our most garbage newspaper. But I was just in Algarve, and my god the English tabloids are on a whole other level

  14. I think he’s definitely listening but it’s not an easy topic for him to digest, which is why he comes off as disinterested.

  15. Getting a dressing down like that is never easy to take, no matter how right you think they are. It looks more like he's defensive than uninterested

  16. What do you want for your 15th birthday Billy?

  17. I can tell you what my least favorite is. Usually recovery week. I like doing cardio, but just holding the same position for that long kills me

  18. But think how much entertainment it would bring to the rest of us

  19. On the other hand imagine the million of elon fan boys suddenly becoming very vocal united plastics

  20. God help this subreddit, it would be flooded with Elon’s weird fanboys.

  21. Jesus united plastics are bad enough already

  22. Still can't have Elsaß-Lothringen

  23. Eu dou um desconto ao homem… pouco deve conviver com a língua portuguesa. Se não tiver o hábito de ler (que não tem de certeza), pior ainda

  24. Ele saiu mais cedo do jogo no outro dia porque só lhe faltava um capítulo para acabar de ler o Mau Tempo no Canal

  25. O gajo saiu da escola no 6o ano e viveu fora de Portugal desde que era puto. Não é chocante que não saiba escrever bem

  26. At what point do they move from the lawyer room to the conjugal trailer

  27. Best education system in Türkiye

  28. Cinnabon social media guy posting spoilers for the show finale

  29. United letting Ronaldo leave is mostly a PR distraction from their God awful start of the season. And so far it's working

  30. How is it working? I constantly hear talk about their god awful start to the season.

  31. Well they said he could go today

  32. If you like Chapelle you're transphobic? Solid logic

  33. Thats GDP mate we are talking about HDI, also, specifically talking about the post war period from 39 to the late 50s

  34. Also they had an economic boom after economic liberalization in the 60s. Saying Spain in the EU would be anything like Burkina Faso in a world federation in terms of development is absurd

  35. There's a very big correlation between income and hdi

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