1. They might need to iron out their "full self driving" activation experience.

  2. The nice thing about it being your charger is that you can set any rules you like - unreasonable or otherwise 🤣

  3. What do you have set up to manage that logic? Can you override the priorities to charge your car or is the car charger always the bottom of the list?

  4. There are a whole bunch of EV vans of varying sizes in Europe. Aside from VW, I think Renault, Ford, MB and Stellantis all have them, not to mention rebadged versions. None of them will come to US.

  5. I imagine it will be easier to import electric vehicles. No emissions to upend the process. Just tax and parts / repair support.

  6. Im not an SUV fan. so I'm hoping to see something like an electric

  7. With an audience composed of self identified griftables, they probably offer a wage garnishing service, and charge a convenience fee for the privilege.

  8. Here comes the ol bi weekly period.

  9. Griftle down economics (the "T" is silent)

  10. I'm not looking forward to the surge of evidence in 30 years when all the jabbed 70 year olds suspiciously die off.

  11. Too cool to shreak like a giddy fool eh?

  12. The abuse you get if you don't place a Garry in the hidiest of hidden hidy hideouts.... I think most SLs prefer cover to strategic locations, and I know most grunts do.

  13. I've built garries in the wide open, had my eng construct barricades around it and it's held up for the remainder of the match.

  14. Hack tip, in a squeeze, if you only have a few to install, you can install rivnuts without the tool if you are careful. I used a hex head screw, a nut and a washer to hold the rivnuts in place while tightening the nut compresses the rivnut in place.

  15. I heard of it but I would rather pay for convenience, plus with the tool takes like 15 seconds to install

  16. Yeah I've done both, a tool is excellent, I just needed like 8 installed in an insulated shipping container, in the middle of rural New Zealand. The only tool nearby was hundreds of dollars... Not going to happen

  17. Congressman George Santos enters the chat.

  18. Congressman George Santos invents the Internet, proceeds to pass through the opening of the worlds first cave dwelling, thus demonstrating the act of entering, and coins the word "chat" to describe the informal conversation triggered by the novel concept of "entering"

  19. After recently visiting Invercargill for the first time, why do people still live there?

  20. I've always wondered why houses in the US were mostly made of wood. I live in the Philippines and we get 1239872348237 typhoons a year. Our houses are made of reinforced concrete. It's enough to survive floods or strong winds. You might just have to repair the roof but better than having to build a new house.

  21. Also concrete is bonkers when it comes to carbon footprint

  22. I know. Its the reality though. If you play medic in our comp team, you'll be laughed at and kicked. Better to redeploy fast and have good OP's. Best squad combo is SL, AT, MG, Auto rifleman and then lvl 9 assault and then the sachels if needed

  23. What?!? No, we can't destroy the documents! There's money to be made off of selling them!!!

  24. Why do all classified document discussions play put as though cameras / scanners and photocopiers were never invented?

  25. Kanye didn't buy it so RIP. Weirdly candace owens husband runs this shit hole I believe

  26. Amidst all the horse shit we are subjected to, this counts as "weird"!?

  27. He is an American Billionaire and Founder of American Private Military Company Black Water. He is a war criminal and should be in gitmo being the bottom for the rest of the prisoners.

  28. Even more money stands to be made for retreating or conveniently losing a few ammo depots at inopportune times. Wrinse and repeat.

  29. And, if you used phone or internet communications to do so? It's wire fraud in particular.

  30. Please tell me they posted some fraud.

  31. Displacement driven by brightness is some basic arbitrary BS!

  32. Any member can call for a new speaker at any time. Kevin McCarthy is an idiot to think he'll last two weeks as speaker, let alone 2 years. Terrible negotiator.

  33. So theoretically, one could be sworn in and immediately call a no confidence vote with only a small number sworn in?

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