Winter Weather Possible this Sunday (1/22)

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  1. Weather may be dicey for the time of year but the zoo would be accessible!

  2. According to the 10TV article, the homicide detectives were out, which makes it sound a lot more sinister IMO. So sad. RIP little guy.

  3. That’s standard for infant deaths - it’s likely SIDS or undiagnosed medical issues but they always investigate as if it could be shaken baby.

  4. Is a Value City piece of furniture going to look good in a decade or so? I've never been in one and don't have any experience.

  5. We bought a “higher end” Value City couch in 2015 or 2016 and it’s still going strong with a lot of use and a child using it as a trampoline/spills/etc. it was one of the models with a memory core and down fill. It sheds feathers sometimes but not excessively. The fabric wasn’t treated but has been easy to clean with a Bissel and didn’t stain even though it’s a lighter taupe. Pillows still looking full. All things considered it’s probably going to still look good in a few more years to make it to that decade.

  6. Believe it or not, Dublin has a higher median household income than New Albany. They are the only two suburbs in Columbus with a median household income above $100,000.

  7. I don’t think it’s a matter of income but one of vibe. Dublin is a little more dress down than New Albany, even if they are both splashing out on dinner.

  8. Do you not think that there's an abundance of wealthy people in columbus?

  9. Just because you’re wealthy doesn’t mean this type of restaurant is your vibe. I think the dress code/price point/vibe will turn off people who would spend the same amount at other nice restaurants in town.

  10. I use Hanbang Shark and Snowbang every day - it gives me a noticeable glow, great texture, makes a huge difference with my skin. Been using it since it came out forever ago and I’m very loyal to products when they work for me.

  11. Did you literally create a Reddit account just to post this? Let’s not start calling people whiny - glass houses and all that.

  12. Every now and then, the GFS will go nuclear on a system like 7-10 days out. The Euro did it this time around.

  13. So when do I start stressing about my flight out on 1/29? How big of a potential storm are we talking?

  14. 1/29? Honestly, I have no idea. The potential storm I’m talking about mid week will have no impact on flights on 1/29, that’s for sure.

  15. That’s good enough for me! Every time I hear big storm when I have to travel, I immediately go absolute worst case scenario even if there are days in between lol

  16. It’s ok. I would prefer more stretching and balance over more abs and seat, so it was more active than I would prefer if it’s supposed to complement the work in other classes. I don’t need yet another class of chair pulling off the bar, it’s overused as it is in the other formats. It felt like there were some areas we completely missed stretching but that could just be working the kinks out of the choreo.

  17. I’d keep it the same minus the “90 second” plank in a variety of 80 ways.

  18. Same - especially since they keep adding more planks to abs. I’m STILL salty we don’t do under the bar low abs anymore. That was such a great part of class. The march is simple but great at activating your entire body if you’re focused on really providing tension as you pull down and use your abs when raising your legs.

  19. Cameron Mitchell is opening a new restaurant, get out the torches and pitchforks.

  20. I just drove to my aunts in Dublin and the streets are way better up there. Came home to the south side and south high is like a mad river run

  21. Even 270 is better in that stretch, I think Dublin had their plows on the highway because there was a noticeable difference. Streets completely clear, on ramps clear and salted - ODOT/Columbus areas are absolute shit in comparison.

  22. Whaaaaaat!! This is amazing news. So random also. Guess they’re more than pancakes

  23. They make their own chorizo and some of the salsa, definitely more than pancakes!! Delicious and the portions are huge.

  24. The feis just magically disappeared from Quickfeis and media loving Academy social media hasn’t posted anything about their feis being cancelled or postponed…!

  25. They had made an announcement it was postponed, now all mention of it is completely gone from social media.

  26. Anyone have a copy of the adjudicator list from the Academy feis that was supposed to be the end of January before it was “postponed”? Would be very curious to see who was slated and if there is any crossover with this list, or if that’s solely because of Ed and/or Byron potentially being one of the 44.

  27. That sounds like PETA. They do the dumbest shit that harms animals allegedly for the animals.

  28. Medical professionals: Does the measles vaccine wear off? I'm sure I was vaccinated back in the 1980's as a kid, but should I be asking my doctor about a booster?

  29. You can get your titers checked - they checked mine when I was pregnant and my rubella portion of the MMR had worn off, so if you’re worried it can be helpful see what you may need boosted. I know the mumps outbreak a few years ago was from that wearing off.

  30. I think it depends. At some feises/with some judges? Probably. But other times it comes down to what a judge finds important - did the other dancer mess up her step but have a better treble and clearer, crisp rhythm in the parts she didn’t mess up? Some judges will favor the better technique with errors over a dancer who doesn’t mess up her steps but may be struggling with basics.

  31. Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito - swap sauces for spicy ranch, add potatoes or fries. My absolute favorite mod.

  32. Why is competitor number any different to naming the dance? A quick search would tell who you’re talking about

  33. You don’t want someone googling a person’s name to find the thread - remember these are real people with outside lives beyond dancing! Using the number requires the reader to know where to look to find the name which is a bit more anonymity and respectful to the dancer while discussing the discrepancy.

  34. Brightpath Active Learning! The kids are outside every day but there’s also a solid curriculum. They have a lot of active learning through play so my very active child is thriving with more outdoor time. Their costs are transparent and on the website and they have rolling enrollment - I think they were adding another three year old class in January. Happy to give you more detail if you have specifics you’re looking for.

  35. Yep. Even if it’s not an ED, I still personally think it’s disordered (I acknowledge that I’m projecting here a bit. It’s not mentally healthy for me but I think it can be for some people who don’t get obsessive about it). I do worry about compulsive exercise with clients though.

  36. I think a lot of exercise in one day can be fine for many people but I think where PB sometimes gets into a gray area is the class counts, encouraging doubling/high numbers for “challenges”, and this is less now but a lot of the language around exercise is problematic. I still had an instructor the other day encourage us during an ab section in reform saying it was a calorie burner, which I really side eye. There is a decent portion of clientele who get into barre for reasons that go beyond general health that can slide into problematic thoughts and behaviors - and I think the way PB markets itself and speaks to clients feeds into it.

  37. No idea if this still is a thing but I know some years ago, the Dublin Irish Festival had a musicians booth where Irish instruments were sold and you could try before purchasing. I believe there were flutes. Not sure if that is still a regular part of the festival - and you would have to wait until next august, but it’s an option.

  38. Pancake House at Polaris is seriously underrated. The pancakes are great, but the real star of the show is their sausage. Also, extra crispy hashbrowns, that are actually hashbrowns and not the weird griddled potatoes you get most places in Columbus. We’re there at least once a week. I do miss 24 hour Fitzys. I like breakfast options all day, not just until 3pm.

  39. Don’t sleep on their chorizo either - apparently they make it and some of their salsas in house. Great service and huge portions. Pancake House is a hidden gem for sure.

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