1. I would be interested if this works for you because trial and error is so hard and painful. Although I have some good "safe foods" now so I'm not panicking. Its more just for health and pleasure at this point. My safe foods are so cheap its ridiculous but they are not at all healthy. So I want to get back to eating healthy again at some point.

  2. Yes I understand and I will definitely share my experience with it once I get it

  3. The only ones worth it won’t be judge mental. I’m 28 and have been diagnosed since I was 15. I’ve had an active sex life this whole time with multiple partners over the years. I just explain before things get too serious that I have a hereditary skin condition that’s left me with some unusual scarring and it’s not an STI nor is it contagious. The reaction every time is “oh, ok!” If any partner doesn’t have a positive reaction to you telling them, you know that you can move right along and they weren’t a good match.

  4. Wasnt looking for time travellers. I was looking for advice which I actually got. Thanks for your commentary but I'm still looking for any way to help myself. I still have hope.

  5. Trust me this ain't a ooh lets go back in time for fun deal honestly I'm desperate my condition is beyond help with home remedies and there is a moment which I want to go back in time when I first developed my illness to get rid of it on its early days because I have now learned about it which I said in my post. If I didnt need to go back in time trust me I wouldnt there is nothing else I would go back in time for and I have tried everything else it seems like but thanks for the advice.

  6. As others have said, the best way to do "time travel" spells is to study shamanic and astral trance journeying, or lucid dreaming. I have seen some people that seemed to be able to bend and alter reality quite a lot - but they had *years* of study and daily practice. That may not be the fastest and most effective way to accomplish what you're hoping.

  7. She doesn't teach, sorry. I was just saying you might have luck working in chaos magick or finding a practitioner of that tradition to teach you or help you.

  8. Do you know where I can find these practitioners? Also thank you your comment was extremely helpful

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