Russia has depleted its modernised equipment, military analyst says

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Greg Abbott Is Full of Shit

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  1. Do they not control the senate? I mean I know about Manchin but it's also odd to me that the same party that made AOC cry for not wanting to give a billion dollars to Israel kind of shrugged and said "nothing we can do."

  2. On paper the Democrats control the senate. However, 50 Republican senators and 2 Democrat senators are voting no on passing any kind of progress to move forward and fix things.

  3. Honest question: does Republican leadership have to worry about the same thing when it comes to passing their core priorities? My perception is that compared to the Democrats they don't seem to experience this same problem of people refusing to fall in line when core priorities are at stake. If that's true, it again makes me wonder about the Democrat's responsibility to bring those two senators in line.

  4. Correct. Republicans are good at following orders so they are easy to keep in line. Some MAGA politicians are threatening that order though by being too crazy and unpredictable. Moscow Mitch has seen this as a potential problem for Republican goals.

  5. At this point in the game; the endless war crimes, the endless threats of nuclear destruction, and the constant lying the West should be done. If Russia refuses to make moves to wind this up sanctions should be codified, diplomates recalled, and every sanction left in the box (including embargo) dumped on them. (Let Turkey figure out what side their on.)Bullies don't react to anything other than brute force. I'm tired of people not wanting to push him too far, he counts on that. You're in a fight with a bully; break his nose. (figuratively)

  6. Putin is past the time to wrap things up. Other than that I agree with you.

  7. Don’t forget China is also an oil and gas giant. Over the years China has developed their own end to end oil and gas solution. Might not be the best but they do have that capability. Meanwhile, China would be happy to step in and fill the gap in exchange for cheap energy as well further solidifying the position of Petroyuan.

  8. If China gets a good chunk of their power from nuclear they are building they will have some fossil fuel to sell to countries that don't have nuclear power plants.

  9. I don't think TV ratings are a good metric for much of anything. Especially not in 2022. Perhaps it gives insights into the 60+ demographics.

  10. I heard a lot of people get calls every day on their cell phone for political polls too. It's just me that doesn't get those calls... /s

  11. I wonder why China with it's overwhelming dominance of global steel production hasn't cornered this market yet.

  12. Politics. They didn’t need to but now they can secure that supply chain going forward. Chip makers have been shopping around since the last time Russia invaded Ukraine.

  13. The world is watching. Everyone use to just think of Rissia, and other countries as just a place where people lived under the government structure of less freedom and more oppression.

  14. I’d say it’s a combination of US+EU support, Russian military incompetence and the fact that Ukraine has prepared since 2014 for this invasion.

  15. I am god damn tired of lack of intent because "they are too fucking stupid", "didn't know any better", and "I didn't know I couldn't do that" being a valid defense for important rich people in powerful positions.

  16. I can't wait for that bandaid to be ripped off.

  17. Going to be interesting as I don't think the transition from oil to renewables is going to involve as many unicorns as I was promised. The transition period is not going to be fun and longer than most people think.

  18. I wish there wasn't such a stigma against nuclear bc in fifteen-20 years s we could eliminate the need

  19. Same. I poke in every now and then to see what China is up to. They are building 150 nuclear power plants in 15 years.

  20. Similar to covid. The few people I know that saw the footage of hospitals in Italy when it was bad said “Whatever. I don’t live in Italy.”

  21. I had the opposite reaction. I saw pictures of trucks lined up to carry out the dead bodies, it was before it got to the US I think?

  22. You have empty and imagination. Not a lot of people do these days.

  23. Subtitle: People in charge don't want to accept responsibility for failures.

  24. Exactly, I'm waiting for them to claim they're victims of "cancel culture".

  25. People in charge will never accept that they are wrong.

  26. Republicans will not help American people. Only rich people. Only the "in group."

  27. I think the name is in the article. There's even links and stuff.

  28. Exactly. It’s way more sketchy buying a used ICE that someone might have completely neglected the engine maintenance than buying a used EV… except maybe an early Leaf.

  29. Don't be so hasty. The used EV might have an empty tank of windshield washer fluid so you would have to factor in that cost. /s

  30. The battery bars are poor guidance for Leafs. Apparently dealer fettles with them to make them appear better and they only tell half the story anyway.

  31. Of course they do. No one is required to tell the truth anymore.

  32. Also why Republicans will not answer subpoenas to help with investigations. Gets kinda hard to lie under oath to the FBI.

  33. "America. Land of the free." Well, technically not really if you are poor and don't have a lawyer.

  34. We live in a dystopia. The people around me don't see it. Or refuse to. At least here, I don't feel crazy or gaslit.

  35. Knowing is a burden. Not knowing is bliss. It's why so many Republicans are self-delusional. Thinking really does cause them discomfort.

  36. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

  37. Was estimating monetized damages of increased greenhouse gases not allowed?

  38. Sounds like he was not “moderate” at all but was actually conservative.

  39. Republican, Democrat, Progressive. After that I have to break out the visual aids.

  40. Well, I imagine he had the opportunity not to violate ethics rules but chose to.

  41. Republican 101. Deny everything, delay everything. Take the plea deal.

  42. Wasn’t Baker all about being conservative with our funds so we can be effective about this long term?

  43. I don't have the articles handy but there was a lot of shady deals going down everywhere, not just in MA. Some people made a bunch of money during the pandemic.

  44. I’m trying to understand why this is a good idea, and I just don’t get it.

  45. My first guess is MA burned through all the federal covid relief funds.

  46. Actually I think Abbott is stealing federal funds. So I guess that means all the states are paying for it.

  47. And it's nuts, because it's not like the GOP has to be this way. It would be one thing to be biased against them for no reason, but they constantly choose hypocrisy, differed accountability, and useless platitude over moral action. The only "both sides" argument is how both are beholden to their donors. Beyond that, only one side deliberately shirks ethics and morality in action while screaming about ethics and morality on cable news and at rallies.

  48. China literally stopped all exports during COVID.

  49. I am an import/export & supply chain executive with 25+ years of experience working AIPAC. But okay.

  50. After what just happened, again, I don't fucking think "a bit of class" is warranted. At all.

  51. My understanding is that the supply of the drug is currently good, so some doctors are choosing to give it to people who merely have moderate symptoms. Since technically everyone is at risk for severe covid.

  52. Weird. I'd think once shooting starts you have every reason to rush in because it's less likely the perpetrator thinks it's a hostage situation.

  53. I’m pretty sure that’s the way it was back in the day.

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