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  1. Do you apply the tret 10 minutes after your moisturizer?

  2. Mornings I use a buffet by the ordinary, followed by Vit C and niacinamide also by the ordinary, and Sunscreen/mosturizer

  3. But she ain’t messing with no broke, broke

  4. Quoting the clean version, so clearly it’s a broke broke.

  5. I tried not to think of it as much because everytime I do I just get mad and anxious. but yeah, like I said I find her behavior recently as a whole really fucked up. don't know what the heck is wrong here. I never gave her a reason to suspect anything.

  6. Ask her to tell you the end of the story so you can decide if you want to hear the whole thing.

  7. definitely, A LOT of misogyny included that needs half of the focus honestly. you cant be an incel without being misogynistic

  8. Shit take. You’ve only convinced yourself all involuntarily celibates are misogynistic.

  9. You need therapy and your boyfriend needs someone who isn’t a debbie downer.

  10. I cringe every single time someone tries to. I have smaller boobs so I’ve had some guys think they can do it. You can’t. Please don’t try.

  11. I was truly fuckin around but thanks for this answer lmao

  12. You joke but my first boyfriend literally open mouth tried to vacuum my boob. It was confusing and if he saw my face he would’ve stopped immediately

  13. Your first boyfriend suffered from the “I want the whole tiddy in my mouf” syndrome.

  14. They also operate in “Flaired Users Only” mode for about 90% of threads. To become flaired you have to go through an interview with the

  15. I laughed at this and then realized in my situation, the 23 year old would have to be born now.

  16. “The baby didn’t do it” is what I have heard. I just.. walk away

  17. I can’t fucking do it and it pisses me off so much! 😞

  18. “I intend to settle down with the right person that shares a spark with me but until then, I’m not actively pursuing it.”

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