Better Call Saul S06E10 - "Nippy" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Jessica Keenan Wynn as Christine Baranski in Mamma Mia 2 could carry the threequel

  2. The same way that Joe Gideon wants to die, it seems like Jimmy wants to get caught and face consequences. Would love to hear Bob Odenkirk belt 'bye bye love' in a courtroom.

  3. lots of phonecall stuff on the episode. the episode opens with saul calling the disappearer, and then toward the end of the episode, he reccomends kims therapist to howard, then throws away the phone number deciding not to go himself. he also starts selling the cc mobile phones around town at night. he schedules a call with francesca. also in cc mobile the man asks "who is listening?" which i think applies thematically. what are you willing to acknowledge/listen to about yourself? the alternative can be prescribing to others, feeding your own denial while spreading complicity.

  4. Gene isn’t a nice guy or his normal self. Gene is the guy robbing people blind and threatening old ladies with strangulation. It’s his lowest most desperate form. Gene is Saul in a corner with nothing left to lose.

  5. that jimmy would pretend to be kevin Costner to deceive someone into bed

  6. also when jimmy kicked the trash can, it was kim who picked it up. kicking in the glass is an example of his addiction codependence behavior, seeking kim to fix it.

  7. this episode reminded me of mike purposefully getting into fights hoping to die

  8. hoping it maintains the cheesiness/earnest vibe combined w the gremlins-level bursts of horror.

  9. jeff in 501 was extremely ambiguous, threatening from a plot angle, and that we didnt pick up with him until now.

  10. i like that he didnt buy the suit at the end. the stuff he returns to is all snowbanks, the ring and "its-showtime folks!"

  11. When Saul is showing those ludicrous videos to Mesa Verde with a ridiculous scenario and then he bursts through the background with “Hi, I’m Saul Goodman”

  12. i love when kevin finds him in the parking garage and says what do u want? and jimmy says oh i cant say that here but i want you to imagine a world where...

  13. his guys had been tailing them while they carried out the scam. they saw the car and disguise switch with wendy and presumably saw them staging photos etc. if mikes guys report that to him hed find out whats up, probably starting with whos car they swapped, who jimmy was impersonating. it wouldnt be hard for him to connect the dots as he knows hamlin worked with jimmys late brother, whom he interacted with as a fake maintenance man.

  14. cant think of the last time someone said his full name on the show - and it felt so good that kim said it the way youd say that slightly unusual last name if you recently met that person

  15. wondering if the next few episodes will be a mix of gene, bb era, more all at once, jumping around and back.

  16. "why are you using this to get something off your chest?"/"youre blowing our cover"

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