1. who upvotes this fuck car nonsense?

  2. Lmao fuck cars even as someone who drives one all the time

  3. Most Rieslings are unappealing . I know all the counter arguments .

  4. Upvoted for a truly unpopular opinion. Rielsing is fucking amazing lmao

  5. Mediocre hermitage is better than any 1st growth Bordeaux you could ever put in front of me

  6. God forbid there's a post without the damn tasting notes.

  7. I mean if you just want to see pictures of wine bottles you can just google search them

  8. Nice. Bit of a drive from MD though

  9. Ok lots of sassy remarks here but actually Pinot is probably the wine that most benefits from a large wine glass with a big bowl to capture the aromas. Beyond that Pinot noir is a grape that takes a lot of care to grow well, so I would aim for better producers and spend a little more money than you would otherwise. IMO 30 us dollar ranges is the lower end of the spectrum with some notable exceptions.

  10. The expense accounts run deep on this thread. Jesus. Take a trip to the east village and go to noreetuh. Look up @mightyjin on IG. Really dope list.

  11. Lmao the expense account runs deep on this sub but I respect it

  12. Breton, Thevenet, Diochon, Thivin, Piron, Aufranc, Chanrion, Lardy, Sunnier, Descombes, Chemarin, Brun, and many others along with the producers already mentioned. Cheers

  13. +1 for Brun, but all of these are banging.

  14. Especially the fleurie, and I am usually more of a moulin a vent kind of guy

  15. Nice notes! I drink this all the time, honestly great value, and is a great way to make any meal more awesome :)

  16. What a bunch of anecdotal BS from someone who clearly doesn’t know what they are talking about. Best of my ass.

  17. Do you want whitewalkers? Because this is how you get whitewalkers.

  18. Being quiet and brooding in the corner is a very weird approach to sex. Nebbiolo might need to see a sex therapist.


  20. How does one tell? I thought if it said a specific village on the label it was village level.

  21. So where it says “Bourgogne” is usually the AOC designation, so it would say Gevery-Chambertin there instead. It says that in small letters below because that’s where the domain that produced it is located, so it’s just like an address.

  22. Ah, TIL. Thank you and you’re right, this is “one of the elusive Bourgogne level bottlings allowed a single vineyard name.” Cheers.

  23. Cheers! Thanks for posting notes about it :)

  24. You can get great deals on auctions sites like Winebid and K&L

  25. Damn need to keep my eyes open what a steal.

  26. Disgusting. I love knee jab it just looks so funny to me.

  27. He went to FD where there are no platform

  28. I really liked that carpineto Chianti Classico reserva in the middle of the top shelf.

  29. Is it the difference between economic displacement and eviction that large?

  30. They aren't getting economically displaced, their lease is just not being renewed. They have to find a different apartment and sign a new lease.

  31. Are the new owners going to give leases with the previous rental cost?

  32. No, they aren’t renewing the lease at all so it doesn’t really matter what the new owners do after this. I have had an apartment get sold and then not let me renew, so I found a different apartment. Yeah moving sucks, but it happens to everyone. The owners fulfilled the lease, no one is obligated to give them a new lease, I find the outrage here very strange.

  33. Rats. I’m always up for talking about the rats.

  34. I read this as you being up for talking rats

  35. Clothing: buy online or take the T to Back Bay or Downtown crossing. Brick and mortar isn’t dead.

  36. the galleria has been dead to me since the little sushi kiosk closed :(

  37. Can you trespass on a public sidewalk? Asking as someone who regularly walks on sidewalks.

  38. I would be careful admitting something like that in a public forum.

  39. Though I agree, I wouldn't go as far as lump all of the post-soviet countries together in that matter.

  40. Yeah this is definitely not the case everywhere. Plenty of successful tech companies in Poland for example. While not completely free of corruption, it’s not like Russia where the government is essentially run by mobsters

  41. Poland was technically never part of the USSR. When it was the Polish People's Republic it was considered a satellite state, but (for example) it was neutral during the cold war and was visited by multiple US presidents.

  42. Hmm most of the polish people I know talk about life under communism that their parents experienced, so its fair that it wasn't actually part of USSR, but it was definitely not until after the Cold War that they really started having a traditional western democracy. They definitely talk about how much everyone hated those times.

  43. Splurged on this serious Pinot for a special occasion a little while back. For me, not the best Burgundy QPR at this stage, but that's more to do with the style than the general quality (usually I have no problem whatsoever with wine "infanticide" but here I'm pretty sure this wine needs a cellar nap.)

  44. I have a 2012 clos vugeot I am saving for a special occasion and hoping it has had enough of a cellar nap :)

  45. Great compared to anywhere, including Boston.

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