Ukrainian MP says on Fox News, ‘you care more about whether you pay extra 50 cents for your gas’ than ‘how many people die in Ukraine’

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Azov released a video of a tank battle in Mariupol

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  1. How many electoral votes do they have? Also what the fuck is up with china

  2. I dont think La Folette would run against Hiram Johnson

  3. There's a game called Kowloon's Gate, made in 1997 in Japan. I believe the reason that Kowloon itself is not used that much in entertainment is that it's a controversial subject for Taiwan, Japan, and China itself.

  4. bro the city was demolished in 1993 by the british, HK wasnt given back to china until 1997. this whole "the residents were running from da ebul gommunists" thing is just bullshit.

  5. A twelve year old pointing a replica pistol at a cop if I remember correctly, no?

  6. Reminds me of For All Time, an alternate history timeline from like 2003 where everything goes wrong.

  7. Redditors dont advocate for genocide of an entire breed of dogs challwnge(impossible)

  8. Cameraman is a shithead. Leave people alone, you have no idea what situation they are in.

  9. Yeah becaue, believe it or not, americans focus more on their own issues than whata hapoening on the other side of the fucking planet

  10. redditors dont soy over nazis challenge(impossible)

  11. I love that Regiment... professional unit

  12. 100% an American/Israeli false flag. No way would iran do this when we are so close to a nuclear agreement

  13. PDX has deemed it a "hate mod" due to all of the funni right wing paths and IC anti-semitism. It's basically gotten the TNO Redux treatment by the Paradox team because no one understands nuance anymore.

  14. the segregation paths have no negative effects, there are antisemetic focus icons, yeah very nuanced lmao

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