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  1. Fr? I guess it makes since you have an established root system and trees will grow back if the get cut down.... Just never seen such a technique. Pics plz

  2. I’m glad this time my phone vibrated before the loud noises came.

  3. I'll never get tired of seeing a scrogged canopy.

  4. Giving it 2 more weeks so I hope to make some more progress :)

  5. Humpty Trumpty literally called putin a genius shortly after the invasion.

  6. And hairspray contains citric acid…wohoo for Benzene on your hand.

  7. I cant tell 100% but it looks like you have Spider Mites or PM. Have you taken a look under the spotted leaves?

  8. What’s PM? I haven’t seen any bugs or noticed any leaves getting messed up

  9. How do you get the rope down once you’re done climbing?

  10. If the rubber is peeling after 6 weeks, it’s a manufacturing error. I would return them or exchange for a new pair.

  11. That’s what I’m thinking too. I just don’t want to be scummy and abuse the policy.

  12. Trust me, as an REI cashier, this is the kind of reason we expect people to return gear for. Not abuse in the slightest. And as a climber, I wouldn’t accept my shoes falling apart after barely more than a month, especially expensive ones.

  13. If I buy one of those catalytic converter protectors off ebay for my Prius, how much should I be paying someone to install it to my car? I'm bad at these things. Any recommendations for anyone in particular appreciated.

  14. It's the modern day equivalent of referring to a manual. You'd be surprised how many professionals do this. It's hard to remember every detail about every vehicle and drivetrain.

  15. What is baffling to me is that we used to be told in school “you won’t be able to look it up.” Yeah right lol.

  16. I’m pretty sure it’s the Cheese Steak Factory

  17. What would you even do with a group of hostile unarmed people? Hold them hostage as you walk through the streets so there are less angles to get shot from?

  18. Yeah while they scream and shout and expose your location

  19. Because Nate’s was running out of poppy seeds not sesame. Quick poppy plant harvest to fix that.

  20. Which makes me wonder: how long until someone starts to offer hemp/cannabis seed hearts on a bagel?

  21. Damn that has some decent production value behind it

  22. Maybe we should not have placed sanctions on ashtrays.

  23. My S.O. works in childcare and makes a good bit more than this. I feel like she already doesn’t make enough to deal with some of those demons.

  24. Unfortunately I’m in Canada so this light is double the price up here haha

  25. 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lighting Adjustable Veg and Bloom Dual Switch with CREE COB 5000K, Philips SMD 3000K and 660nm LED Lights

  26. the shirt think is pretty silly who care who is shirtless really. but power grunting on easy problems is embarrassing truly. It's like having someone who is squatting one plate lifting with a belt, knee sleeves, and smelling salts lmao. Like that is not what is holding you back at this point it is completely unnecessary.

  27. You still missed the point of the above comment.

  28. Yeah fuck me never had anything as bad as op but many of the experiences I've had with plugs has really given me an impression that these are the kind of people who couldn't keep a cashier job to save their life.

  29. I live in a legal state (DC) the delivery drivers here are ASS.

  30. It is a sad country. I unfortunately agree with half of what you said. Our education system has been destroyed by socialism. Have fun being the (your you’re) police instead of being a productive human.

  31. Ya. We seem to be going down the road of your grandparents. I’m sure it all started with a simple misspelling. Thank you for not being a petty child and pointing out such important things. I made another mistake in this for you to give you something to do.

  32. Hahah at least Germany teaches its citizens of the horrors of history. Half the US want to ignore it and are wishing for it to repeat. What a sad sad country you must live in.

  33. Ш91579 - the number of the rocket that killed people at the Kramatorsk train station

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