1. He said it's just bones though. Couldn't he just smash and grind the bones into dust? It'll be impossible to trace that.

  2. Which honestly, still really sucks. I get them wanting to phase out the activities around those in favor of keeping certain activities "populated", but also, other MMOs have solved that issue.

  3. Huh I never noticed how similar the UI is compared to FFXIV. They had the same UI developer?

  4. Oh, that sucks. I guess I could transfer the save files to the Windows version instead.

  5. Lorewise no, Shang is much better than any iron first, he was one too

  6. Shang Chi is a better martial artist than Iron Fist so he relies more on movement. Shang Chi also can use his Rings to fly, restrain, and manipulate objects. It just makes more sense in my opinion.

  7. Also true! After Samuel L. Jackson started appearing in the movies as Nick Fury, Marvel decided to do away with the old, white Nick Fury and replace him with his son, who is Black and is named Nick Fury Jr! And then he also gets an eye patch, because of course he does. This is also when they introduced Phil Coulson into the comics, since he originated in the movies.

  8. Didn't the original Nick furry become the watcher too? Or did they finish that story.

  9. Yes you can, you can even reach it from an angle that the skele can’t hit youtrough the gate, with the gate opened you can kill the mobs beyond way easier.

  10. I actually did not know that either. I just assumed your only path is south towards 2 teams..But there is still no mobs between those spawns so a trio can just rush you before you can clear the gates.

  11. JP seems to have Psycho so he probably is involved somehow also lol people down voting what's wrong people can't understand that Marisa is completely unrealistic to the female form. They should have just made it man. Females cannot produce those neck muscles nor could their bones keep form of such mass. They should just make Marisa into Marco. Like it's a man just make it a man.

  12. Yea I can't believe they did this dumb shit. They need more realistic characters like Abigail.

  13. I would definitely check to see if anythings rubbing / touching fans. Even pull out psu, turn it on and see if it makes that noise still.

  14. I'm not sure if I'd want to open the PSU up because there's a warranty sticker covering it and in case I was planning to ask for refund later.

  15. The camera reminds me of medieval God of War.

  16. I play ranked only, most times I'll one and done people who yield low MMR changes.

  17. You know you can change it so you can only find +2/-2 ranks right.

  18. And in another comment they explain how they live with a family and would have to run it through the apartment across other rooms.

  19. lol the mans ping is 156ms with 4 frame delay. There is no game in existence that could make that connection smooth.

  20. Congrats! 3 moves is all you needed to demolish this guy? Why use the fist when a finger will do, eh?

  21. They don't call Jin "right leg of the forbidden one" for nothing. 4, f+4, and db+4 are all insanely good moves.

  22. I heard somewhere that those are the people playing cracked versions of the game. Is that true?

  23. I don't know but most certainly they are Emperor/TGP smurfs and maybe hackers but who knows. All I know is when I check their profile, they only have Tekken with 100 hours and are already Ruler rank like get the fuck outta here.

  24. Will shadowlands be part of the base game when Dragonflight releases?

  25. I'm almost certain these muthafuckas do it on purpose. Once you get to the rematch menu they instantly accept that shit like they were just waiting for it.

  26. I didn't even know they had one for tekken 7 lol.

  27. https://wiki.vcmi.eu/Installation_on_Windows

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