1. what part of the Northeast makes the US look bad?

  2. Only white people, lots of drug use, rude people, housing costs and general COL, high taxes, too populated, pollution is pretty bad, extreme industrialization, and most importantly that shit weather you guys have.

  3. Truth hurts haha. 85% of New Englands population is white.

  4. What I find stunning is that anybody thinks having a college degree means that you know wtf you are talking about.

  5. I was waiting for this comment, preach

  6. He was such a smart player, his speed as he got older was the only thing to prevent him from greatness

  7. That thing he did at the end there is what my pp did watching him do that

  8. Couldn't be us...flashbacks to Andrew Luck

  9. Such a weird fumble return by Thompson. You are a dang RB!! Run!!!

  10. Agreed, but then again the ball just flawlessly landed in his hands out of nowhere. He was probably a little shocked lol

  11. I forgot about this play. But, was it controversial? It looked like the right call with the second angle on the replay.

  12. The controversy is the helmet to helmet

  13. Why does everybody just assume McCoy is being bitter and salty, rather than having valid reasons for saying Eric Bieniemy wouldn't be a good head coach?

  14. Tbh I was always on the side that the NFL isn't inherently racist but still seeing eric bienemy as an OC changed my mind.

  15. Tbh I was always on the side that the NFL isn't inherently racist but still seeing eric bienemy as an OC changed my mind.

  16. It's always the Colts

  17. Can someone inform me as to why the tomahawk chop is racist? I would like to have a civil discussion about this, I'm curious and currently don't think there is anything wrong with the chop.

  18. Nah bro that was not holding lmao. If that's holding then they're holding every play. Weak ass call.

  19. Bradberry said he held him after the game. It sucks but the call was right. It's too bad that Bradberry admitted he was holding, or else eagles fans could confidently use this as a scapegoat.

  20. Fuck you is all any Queefs player deserves after being handed that SB last night.

  21. GG Broncos! Cheers to another irrelevant year for you guys!

  22. Oh so you’re using the massively downvoted comments at the bottom of the thread as examples and not the consensus top comments calling it one of the greatest incompletions of all time.

  23. What's the problem here? I just stated that it's weird that some people can't appreciate this play. And I'm not mad...simply curious.

  24. You can find people to who'll take up literally any opinion. You're putting too much stock in it to get attention.

  25. Now I'm looking for attention because I was surprised as to how many people didnt think this play was good? Maybe you guys are looking into this a little too much lol

  26. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mahomes and Rodgers haven't played eachother since Mahomes entered the league 5 years ago. This will be fun seeing them go at it 2x a year (barring the raiders actually picking Rodgers up)

  27. I figured getting away with hands to the face would be his favorite thing. Weird.

  28. Reading skills on point

  29. I'm surprised that his answer wasn't when he purposely tripped Allen this year.

  30. Pretty sure the exact words that came out of my mouth when this happened was "NO THE FUCK HE DID NOT, FUCK."

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