1. I don't think that should bother you. I think it's just our natural tendency to identify someone by their most distinctive name. Kamala is much more identifying than Harris, and I'm fairly certain that during the primary she essentially branded her campaign with her first name.

  2. Yeah. Bernie is way more used than Sanders, for example. I don’t think it’s a matter of sexism

  3. Llorando by Rebekah del Rio (Spanish cover of Crying by Roy Orbison) in Mulholland Drive. It's one of the tracks on my eternal playlist.

  4. Llorando really sets the tone perfectly for the devastating insanity that is the last 40 minutes of Mulholland Drive.

  5. i read so many spoilers for rise of skywalker and i thoight they were bullshit until i got to the theatre and read the first line of the text scroll... "The Emperor has returned!" should have left the theatre right there...

  6. The whole plot leaked months in advance and many genuinely and confidently thought it was bullshit because of how bad it sounded

  7. The campaign to lower the age for Down Syndome abortion was lost not too recently too.

  8. Past 24 weeks right up to birth, yes. Heidi Carter (a woman with Down's) wanted the government to restrict it to before 24 weeks.

  9. Afaik there's only one translation, but I might be wrong. I'm from Spain and didn't notice anything sounding like "latin Spanish" ever when reading it, but I think they make this translations to not sound like any specific dialect of Spain, so I guess a person from Mexico might also think that this doesn't sound like Spanish from Spain.

  10. The translations are quite neutral except for dialogues which use the “Spanish” way of speaking (“vosotros” instead of “ustedes” and such) but since it’s nobles speaking and the books are set in a medieval timeframe my head canon is that it’s one more aspect of the setting lol

  11. There is only one thing we say to writing another book: Not today.

  12. He has written another books though. The problem is specifically Winds. The story clearly grew out of control in AFFC and ADWD and he hasn’t found its way back into a coherent payoff.

  13. Remember when Spielberg was set to make a Blackhawks movie? That kinda just faded away...

  14. That’s the post JL era when DC was green lighting just about everything you could imagine. Blackhawks, Nightwing, Joker and Harley Quinn, Plastic Man, New Gods, Lobo. I think Blue Beetle is the only one that materialised lmao

  15. Post-dictadura: Mejor Vázquez (el segundo un poco más que el primero, aunque no viví muy lucido el 1ro), peor los dos del hijo de mil putas de Sanguinetti. La crisis que se comió Batlle se la cargo encima 100% al viejo de mierda.

  16. EL SEGUNDO GOBIERNO DE VÁZQUEZ MEJOR QUE EL PRIMERO por dios que fuma esta gente

  17. All the leakers for marvel and DC always say films are great prior to them coming out. I’ve tried to mention this on both the leak subs so many times idk why peoples memories are so short.

  18. ViewerAnon repeatedly talked about WW84’s poor test screenings and compared it to Superman IV: the quest for peace

  19. The message was entirely unreasonable though. People didn’t wait 20-30 years just to let the past die in a sad little flame that makes no sense.

  20. The film’s message wasn’t about killing the past though. The antagonist says it. Luke’s arc isn’t about killing the past, it’s about confronting it and the choices you’ve made so you can learn from them.

  21. Who says she's "retired"? Or is that just some ageist misogyny. Yes people like Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones should just shut up since they haven't had a hit in decades and are over 60. Oh that's right, they're male, so you'll never see a comment like this when they tour.

  22. I think Dance would be more positively received if Winds were out. Clash is a great book and I feel like a big part of what makes it so great is how it leads into Storm. I was 4 when A Storm of Swords came out so I didn’t have any waiting to do, it was easier to appreciate how well the groundwork was being laid. Dance, and even Feast, don’t have that luxury even though they serve a similar purpose in the series to Game and Clash. That’s how George writes. Rising tension over the course of multiple novels to a climax then a cool down period before doing it again.

  23. The thing is, even if they’re chapters in a larger story, AGOT and ACOK serve their role as setup books while also remaining cohesive and narratively satisfying as standalone books. ADWD does not imho. What happens in ADWD is as if AGOT cut right before Ned’s beheading, the birth of the dragons (etc.) and ACOK ended right when Stannis’ ships are seen entering the Blackwater.

  24. I would definitely not go as far as to say it isn't a good book. Quite the opposite, in fact. I think Dance, just like the other books, is a marvelous book. Though yes, it has the worst pacing of the books, at least with Dany, Jon, and Tyrion. I also understand not liking how George put the end of some Feast arcs into Dance, but I feel like he did that so that when Winds comes out, most of the POVs have their plots for that book setup in Dance, rather than a reader reading book 4, then 5, then start 6 and not remembering what happened at the end of book 4 as well. Would have been better if Winds came out sooner, but what are you going to do? At least it might work better when they're read together.

  25. I agree that the sorry it tells is awesome. It has some of my favourite moments of the entire series, but the pacing is so weird imo. Maybe my opinion of it will sweeten with time but I felt a bit cheated after going through so much buildup (I liked Jon’s storyline and thought it was fairly compelling but Tyrion and Dany’s POVs are slow) only to be left hanging right when all that set up is finally going to pay off.

  26. I’m almost done with ASOS, and I dread having to read another Sam chapter. Every other line is just him bitching about how craven he is

  27. He does already have a character in Star Wars

  28. I’ll never forgive the way they butchered A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. It was impossible to faithfully adapt them due to how extensive and slow moving they are but there was no reason to handle Dorne, Mereen and the Iron Islands so clumsily. Purely bad writing.

  29. By the summary in the article it seems like they’re not following the main story at all but I agree. I read the story the other night and the ending caught me soo off guard. I thought it hadn’t affected me and then when I went to bed I realized I was pretty nervous lol. Truly terrifying

  30. Her arc in Feast is so well written with how you can see her setting herself up in a completely delusional way. Also her chapters are really funny

  31. Not sure how much this counts as a 'small thing' but Westeros seems way too big, especially if it is actually the size of South America. Seems maybe a bit too big for there reasonably to be a single nation spanning it with the level of technology and bureaucracy they possess.

  32. We just need a compelling detective character to follow around. Or we do the reverse and have a Columbo type of mystery show where the real mystery is wondering how the perp is gonna get caught!

  33. I wouldn’t mind a remix album from blondie, as long as it’s something like Dawn of Chromatica and not another Willow remix

  34. Like, it's a guaranteed sold out stadium concert in every country she decides to go down here, she's probably more celebrated here than in US and Europe.

  35. Yes someone is definitely happy now making money off of Lana with some illegal copy of her songs

  36. Yeah I’m sure Lana won’t be able to afford rent next month because of this lmao

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