1. Honestly this is the only solution unless OP gets an electric fence

  2. Maybe. I dont know about yachts but a used 20ft pontoon is easily 35-45k. A new one is easily 70k. Google is saying a used 40ft yacht is closer to 200k.

  3. Nah, the term yacht is a stretch from the pictures. Better to call it a sailboat and you can pick up a 40 footer used for like 15k if you find a good deal. More than 1k per foot would be a rip off unless you buy one that’s really nice, which his was not.

  4. There’s plenty of 60 year olds that are in better shape than 99% of 20-30 year olds. And most of the time they have a significant advantage of summiting a peak due to so many years of experience.

  5. Run up si a few times and hike mailbox old trail with a heavy pack and you’ll be fine

  6. Thank you, looks like a cool company

  7. This looks sick, where did you get those pants?

  8. 10 lbs of steel swinging around hurts, ask me how I know. Crane hooks aren’t that light.

  9. Most of the crane hooks now on crabbers barely swing at all because they’re inside the tire. And 10 pounds is a stretch.

  10. I’m talking about my experience with the hook being about 10lbs not a Bering sea crab boat. You ever been on one?

  11. Yes, the hooks don’t swing because most of the time they are in a cage on the end of the crane so the pot can be sucked up flush. The hooks aren’t too heavy, lighter ones are better so it’s easier to slide in the pot bridal when you lean over the rail. I’m fine with getting bonked in the head any day but one under tension is a different story.

  12. EMTs cannot. I'm a paramedic in Colorado, I used ketamine yesterday.

  13. I mean I’m an emt, and I used ketamine yesterday too /s

  14. Oh wow. Aggressive. Then I got nothin.

  15. Go buy a $2 pool noodle at Target (the kind that has a hole running thru the center), cut 4x 8" pieces, and shove them in your exhaust on cold start. Wait till rpms drop, all good. While my SPT catback isn't the loudest, it drew complaints because I park in a concrete underground garage that sits under other tenant's condos. I gotta say, with the acoustics down there, it is loud as fuck. You can feel it.

  16. Flushed it and changed the thermometer, works decently now

  17. I work 1 or 2 24 hour shifts and go to school as well. I would always do my long runs right after I got off work so I wouldn’t be exhausted on my full free days off. It’s pretty brutal but I thought it was worth it

  18. Ah yes throw snow balls at the same people that will be hauling your sorry ass down the hill after one too many fireball shots, "sending" it, then breaking your femur. That's how we should show appreciation

  19. Too bad your getting downvoted, I was part of a airlift for a patient who got severely injured on baker yesterday. These patrollers could have been going to the call possibly.

  20. Don’t let the pro life people see this

  21. You can but it’s not as safe. The release characteristics of a tech binding are more prone to injury including some nasty ones like spiral fractures.

  22. In all seriousness, do you know why? I have marker barons and they seem to ski the exact same as resort bindings and don’t feel unsafe, but I might be wrong. Another less related question I saw from above but why are groomers less fun than tech bindings I honestly can’t tell a difference?

  23. We just pull into the parking lot and wheel the patient through on the stretcher so they can order too

  24. I mean… he did convert it from feet

  25. Call the sein captain you worked for and ask him if he knows anyone good who needs crew maybe

  26. Why you passing on the right bro?

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