1. Zilean doesn't really need health or levels. The Item has very little ability haste I don't see why you would want it.

  2. I almost made this exact post, and as I was writing out each individual stats I basically said.....yeah I'm not building this mythic. Lol. At least not for Mid Zilean. The Mythic Passive of 5AH per legendary is ok but it's not enough to justify switching from one of the current mythics which have flat AH in its components and completed item. If it had 10 AH I would take it.

  3. I must have laughed senseless at this for over 2 minutes.. Easily one of the best things that has happened to me this year.

  4. how bout we move the towers further a step to make the lane not so long, preventing perma freezing in lost matchups.

  5. My guess...riots spaghetti code would implode if they tried to move the location of those towers 😆

  6. Lmfao! Yeah i have no idea why its tagged NSFW. I only intended to put spoiler since i referenced the EG vs DFM tie breaker moments after the game. Kind of funny. Also im not gonna click that link 😆

  7. Kaori is still really inexperienced and it’s showing. I think he’s by far the weakest link.

  8. Its showing now, and if they go to the main stage its going to stick out like a sore thumb. Dudes been playing well, but come next week he is going to struggle. I hope he continues to get better and showcase his skills. He is really inexperienced and this will help him be better next season for sure.

  9. triforce instead of sunderer. go damage, not tank

  10. And you gotta do the Blabber special and rush Zhonyas second. Then pray your team can win the game while you watch from Stasis

  11. Not really. He is ass at last hitting minions in the very rarly game, but I essentially clear waves with two bombs in the mid game.

  12. hes just not for mid, mid needs something more explosive and useful through entire game. He's excellent at giving support with speed or slow or cc or ult.. therefore perfect for support role. I mean its just dumb going mid coz ur ruining the whole game

  13. I mean, thats absolutely wrong but you are welcome to your opinion. Zilean has amazing wave clear, excellent speed while roaming, great utility to help the JG, and essentially can impact the entire map from mid lane. Mid is not defined as the (do the most damage role). Why support one person when you can support the whole map with the gold and XP you receive from being in a solo lane?

  14. in caedral's and LS' version, you can't pick the same champ again for the entire series, this is just a 1 game lockout

  15. I think the entire series would be better to prevent the handshake decision to swap. For example, Sivir/Zeri were both picks during the summer season that often went unbanned. Would prevent each team just going back and forth between the two picks they think is most meta with the exception of a few roles or champions.

  16. The handshake of certain picks if probably the worst aspect of pro play. Like, we had almost whole split of handshaking Sivir and Zeri only for playoffs to have, yes, you guessed it, Sivir Zeri handshake every game. I was so over it with watching the same fucking picks i just couldn't really care, the only benefit of worlds is riot forcing a new meta.

  17. Would have been cool if they nerfed Aatrox a little so we could see some variety in the top lane.

  18. He even went Liandrys instead of everfrost. Super Chad.

  19. it's not really possible to luck yourself from p2 to d4, with insane luck or a freshly seeded account sure, but the skill difference is pretty big

  20. Certainly doesn't happen in your 3rd year of college. Lol. You can have a page of work and teachers can still throw down 0 points for not having the correct sign on your answer 🥲

  21. Ive had the login animation stagnant, and client music muted since like S7. Even when the music is hype for a new champ etc I prefer to not have all that on my computer. I wasnt even aware star walking was playing in the background but this just reassures me i made the right decision long ago.

  22. Originally I did it because my laptop was literally so shitty it would slow it down 😆 I got used to it and now prefer the simplicity as opposed to being loaded with a bunch of excess content I don't need.

  23. Cops will shoot at the wrong color, make/model of vehicle, with occupants of totally different numbers, sex and ethnicities than their suspect and still get a pat on the back for a job well done.

  24. This is the USA. Not only the cops but the military too. We have performed drone strikes, with no ground support in the area to confirm the target, and slaughtered families and innocent civilians because the military had a hunch they might be a threat. It's the culture, shoot first, and make a half ass apolgy/excuse after.

  25. I mean yeah, but between hardware that has spikes between 30-100 fps and running flawless is a bit of a difference. You can get laptops that do 150 fps pretty constant and on a decent budget. Also arent they sponsored by alienware?

  26. These guys could pay out of pocket 1200 a piece and just get brand new laptops, and either donate, resell, or keep them after worlds. The org could do the same, and riot could do the same.

  27. Doesn't night Jerry want Beth and summer back to sleep?

  28. Why did I block that!? I just broke my fucking hand! was headed for your dick 😆. I'd say this was the right move.

  29. I have bought on youtube every season since S3, and this is generally how it goes. I think it is a 24hr time period which is beyond frustrating but I would be genuinely surprised if you dont have it in your library by tonight.

  30. Are you playing as Peter? Your settle is blue, unless you changed the colors etc. I thought Peter was generally Yellow.

  31. You can see video controls. This is straight up a video playing and the 3 brain cells couldn’t make the connection to just upload that one instead of vertically recording on their phone

  32. Nah man. Ive posted like 10 clips on this page lol. I'm just trying to help a man out maybe he just thinks it's complicated and I tried to help. Instead of flaming

  33. Its funny because i am the opposite. When i struggle i turn to Zilean because I have so many games played on him. That being said, i enjoy going to Karma. She plays very very similar to Zilean IMO. Her abilities are on a short cooldown, and the almost match Zileans in some senses. Her E is a shield and a movement speed boost it can be self casted or on an ally. I always take aery as Zilean so though the shield is small I sometimes E allies to give them a small shield. Her Q is a very similar range and speed. Idk. I like her a lot.

  34. You just pull the string and let go right? Psssh that's easy.

  35. One might think having the bow drawn would be a smart move....but lets be honest...He wasn't thinking from the start 😅

  36. 1st degree is premeditated. these cops are obviously incapable of conscious thought, therefore it can't be 1st degree.

  37. Don't worry the police have their best guys investigating it. They will let us know what they find later.

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