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  1. I do all my script markups digitally on PDF using a Microsoft Surface. It's fast, convenient, I can have all the scripts and paperwork for every show I'm working on with me all the time, I can easily color code, erase, and move notes, and I never need a light for my script.

  2. Google sheets cue lists and color coding my script without having a pen bag like a high school class President are huge benefiys

  3. I use pictures and (extremely quick) sketches to describe my ideas to directors and other designers during rehearsals so having an iPad where I can take a photo of the set and immediately draw what I’m saying is really helpful

  4. Should’ve just jumped onto the swan. No way the swan could support the weight of the capybara and it would’ve taken them by surprise

  5. Just to clarify- LL skips the queue show for smugglers and joins in at the pre show with hondo. You sort of go through the garage with the engine but there’s scaffolding in the way and you don’t really hear the radio chatter

  6. For those of us living under a rock what’s happening tomorrow?

  7. It's not, but somehow this comment made me remember the name so thank you.

  8. It took me longer than I want to admit to realize you were saying Visual Studio and not Versus

  9. The obvious practical would be a practical lamp or hanging light on stage. Typically those are run lower than capacity anyway -- just a glow to make it seem like the light is coming from there when in fact it's coming from lighting instruments in the air. Pop them up to full then bump out. Of course it depends on if a practical lamp is appropriate for the setting.

  10. Partner with your sound designer and you can really sell the effect

  11. I will wear my hot pink Star kitty armor and you will say nothing

  12. I’m really new to programming but Java is the language they taught me in high school and I’m really only familiar with eclipse, why is it so bad?

  13. I'm curious- why is this such a common theme in this sub? How can you write code that you don't understand? Why is this funny? (I'm not trying to be an asshole, and the cute kitty aside. )

  14. I do very small projects and in the moment they make sense to me where I could explain it to my rubber duck and they understand everything but give it a week and the rubber duck and I will have the same clueless face as each other looking at it

  15. I have never tried this and it’s just off the top of my head.

  16. CP can move the cameras away from TTD if they want too.

  17. I one time stayed at an airBNB across the bay and from that airBNB you could see the train launch every time. There’s no way they could test it without someone seeing. It’s massive

  18. Where do you find the Martin level 1 tech cert? Is it a local dealer thing or an online thing?

  19. This reminds me of the "Sometimes I fear everyone is an owl in disguise" comic from awhile ago, but worded better. Good, but feels a little badum-tsss if you know what I'm saying.

  20. I’m putting out a bounty of my appreciation and happiness for someone to find this comic. I love it

  21. You want large open F stop and a fast shutter speed. Rarely do I say the camera matters but really the best tool is a camera with good low light capabilities…

  22. How important are business cards? I’m going to school for lighting and projection design and am trying to get more freelance gigs. I’ve got a website I can send people with my resume and past projects. Do business cards help as well or is there a better way to leave contact information with people?

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