1. Liverpool Pet Care Company are very good and would highly recommend but they are south Liverpool. Are Brookhouse based off Brooms Cross? Not used them so can’t comment on them sorry.

  2. Whereabouts are you? People may be able to help you with that info

  3. Waterloo has a lot of positives: 10 mins from Town, 20 mins from Pine Woods, Beach, Rimrose Country Park, Bars/restaurants, Plaza Cinema.

  4. I would do, if they started selling Koka noodles again.

  5. I bought a box of them online and picked them up from my local store

  6. Go to town, go and have a look around instead of getting all of your info from the daily mail or whatever.

  7. Oh bore off. I don’t read that shite. I have nieces and nephews. It may not be ‘completely’ unsafe but it’s definitely unsafe when kids are getting threatened with being stabbed and chased and having bottles thrown at them because they are wearing nice coats or trainers.

  8. The things you are saying just don't tally up to reality. Literally just go into town and you'll see how wrong you are.

  9. I worked with a guy who went on a break 3 hours into shift, no joke the guy went home and took a nap and came back 2 hours later pretending nothing happened, he was let go that same day

  10. We had someone who used to go out to his car and sleep in it for most of the day. Because he never went through the perimeter turnstile and didn’t leave the grounds, it took far longer than it should have for anyone to figure it out.

  11. After suffering with a neighbour who liked to play songs on repeat, I think I’d go with Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters. That ‘La da Dee Dow Dow’ section on repeat was pure torture

  12. I’m bumping for traffic. She’s still doing the guarding behaviour over toys and refusing to move. She spent the entire night in the living room on Saturday night which was so out of character- she’s always been insistent about sleeping on my bed. Tonight she’s on the sofa with a toy and won’t move again. Not sure what to do.

  13. Her accent goes right through me. I understand you’ll pick it up if you live ther for long enough but that hybrid accent is just too weird

  14. I just refuse to believe that an intelligent surgeon would be happy to start something romantic with someone who had confirmed their love for someone else (the mother of his child) that very morning.

  15. Does this mean it will be back on the UK? All4 just removed it

  16. HBO Max has nothing to do with UK streaming.

  17. I’m aware. I was just wondering if the removal from a platform in the UK/arrival on HBO Max were not a coincidence and that we could get it back on a different platform in the UK- like Sky or Now, given that they show lots of HBO stuff.

  18. I make a small pocket out of thin slices of ham and syringe the medicine into them for my doggo. I also crush tablets and administer them in the same way.

  19. Interested to know the recommendations here. I have about eight pensions from the last ten years that I need to make a decision about.

  20. Austin Metro was the name for most if production. And if you have a 1980s one now its worth over £5k

  21. Awww man! My first car in 1999 was an Austin metro. Should have kept it 🙈 it was an E plate so 87/88 m.

  22. You can break other people's bones. This actually is encouraged so that we can spread the message that the stronk-boned melk drankers that we are are the best 👍🏻

  23. This pleases me. I broke my sisters arm when she was 8 years old.

  24. 43 so still got a way to go. But I’m proud of those 43 years

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