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  1. Russo is so lucky that his good ideas stuck. Most of what he regurgitated was absolute shite.

  2. I wish they'd stop throwing Asuka together with random tag partners and start doing something meaningful with her.

  3. What an utterly vile, abhorrent human being.

  4. And everyone had been okay with Cristiano Ronaldo all these years when he had a rape scandal even before Real Madrid transfer. Double standards

  5. Footballers are the ultimate in entitlement. Everything they want they've got. So if they see a woman they will have her, whether they like it or not which is so disgusting and sad.

  6. If you lose Thiago, you have to have Hendo there. What is it with this predicted teams on here that always leave out the captain?

  7. Another reason why they're manufacturing this crisis.

  8. They spend a lot of time in bars/restaurants huh?

  9. Last season, I thought it was fatigue. But yesterday just seemed like arrogance

  10. It almost definitely was and why Klopp was so pissed.

  11. It's finally a good time to be a WWE fan again. I've never really got invested in any other promotion long term and I guess I've always been a WWE die hard. That was SERIOUSLY tested after the last couple of years. Vince nearly killed off my enjoyment for good. It's safe to say I'm enthused and intrigued by a WWE without him and one spearheaded by Triple H (his NXT was stellar).

  12. They WILL need to think again. Everyone and their dog can see it. Relying on injury prone players is a recipe for disaster.

  13. The phrase polishing a turd has never felt so apt.

  14. I need a reality check please guys, the thought crossed my mind that this isn’t funny anymore and we should feel sorry for Man U. I think the London heat is finally making me delirious.

  15. Bollocks to that. The most arrogant club, players and fans around. Let reality hit them.

  16. "The pitch was dry" "The pitch was wet" "The wind was blowing" All excuses used by Klopp. I hate that shit. Everyone plays on the same field and it makes us look like we are excusing our failures.

  17. Simple facts. That result isn't good enough. We did have some bad luck but that is way off the minimum.

  18. Midfield is extremely worrying considering the performances and the injury to thiago. Eliott looked very bright when he came on though

  19. Not improving the midfield which was our weak point last season is criminal.

  20. I believe that goal is Uruguayan for start me you fools.

  21. I mean this seems like an obvious result of oversaturating all media with Marvel content. How on earth can they not see it?

  22. They've been finding a way for him to get away with it since it happened.

  23. Ah so he'll be stealing scouting reports from others then.

  24. I’m not left or right but I do have some questions. They have lots of security cameras at the building, why not release the unedited footage? If it’s a planned insurrection where are all the weapons?

  25. Bad? Nah, just outdated. Old games still look good.

  26. People can't grasp this concept. New is good and old is bad to such halfwits.

  27. Amazing how the world got "bored" of this conflict when Russia invaded Ukraine.

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