1. Fucking sick but knowing that it’s an SNES Edition, it kinda hurts

  2. True, but the colors of the SNES edition do compliment the Blastoise shell very well.

  3. I have a switch like that. How much did you pay for yours?

  4. Freakin awesome!! How did you do this? I have a 3ds and never knew you could change the theme!

  5. It has to be a modded 3DS. You can make and download custom themes. I can share with you if you want. Also allows you to use home theme music. I chose the Hollywood Dreaming instrumental.

  6. Impressive but, you better have his SoundCloud stuff on repeat too since that’s where 80% of his discography is at

  7. Area 51 radio phone call (audio only) is good.

  8. Woah, that’s a lot of suggestions! Idk where to start lmao. Thanks guys.

  9. I'm not, I can retire in 15 years. Just imagine how much my 6k doge is going to be then

  10. Well we previously already hit 40 and then it dipped and came back. So I would assume 50s chances of holding are a little slimmer

  11. Nah that’s not why. Tons of ppl have that opinion, it doesn’t hold that much weight. It even says Bitcoin and Bitcoin is rising

  12. Your average doesn’t matter. All that matters is the quantity of coins.

  13. Lol this is exactly how you lose money, by getting impatient and pulling out.

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