1. Hahahaha my dude. You did the right thing. Hahaha my maeng da green is here tomorrow, can't wait.

  2. Who the fuck are you guy? Remember you from Cardiff sub? Google it plenty of uk and eu vendors.

  3. Maybe taper? There's no way I could do CT. I had to use subs to taper off H and have been clean 7 years. And now with K, I'm tapering. I'm just one of those people who will never be able to do CT. I want to be comfortable.

  4. Yeah I’m thinking about going to go get a 2 pack of the shots just to try and sip on them for the next few days hoping that will cause the withdrawals to subside. Idk though. I feel stuck lol

  5. If you're going to taper get powder in pill form. To be successful at tapering you have to know exactly how much you are taking.

  6. Yeah I would but I don’t have the money for that at the moment so I’m just going CT. I’m feeling a lot better than I was this morning. Thank you for the advice though. I really appreciate it.

  7. Yeah man my whole family is sick right now and I’m on day 2 CT and this shit sucks. I feel as shitty as they do. Hate this.

  8. I love the packaging. Never had a liquid extract before. Only powder extract!

  9. Red is my all time favorite. Would love to try this before bed in the evening!

  10. I would love to try out dragons den! Heard so many great things. Red Bali is the GOAT

  11. I always love their packaging. Just never tried them yet!

  12. I am here because of good people. This is a great community.

  13. My resolution is to be a better father than I was last year.

  14. Best page on Reddit! Show my brother some love!

  15. She’s cooler than the cold front that has hit the United States 🥶😎. I love chihuahuas, my dad has one and he’s so chill. Thanks for sharing 😊

  16. I have always got codes going darling.. CT143 for 30 percent off currently!

  17. I gotta place an order with her soon. It’s so hard to get away from OKIES though. Can’t beat their prices

  18. I'm sorry sir if you're looking for prices you'd have to speak to them I would suggest to DM them I'm sure they will give you a wonderful deal you'll be pleased

  19. How was the green Asia? That’s one of the only ones from them I haven’t tried.

  20. I’m grateful for my family, my wife, son and daughter. I’m grateful I have this roof over my head and I get to spend this holiday season with my family. Happy holidays everyone.

  21. I take magnesium citrate supplements every night. The morning I poo like clockwork. Also magnesium is great for your muscles and can also help relax you. I'm not sure if this happens to you but sometimes kratom makes my muscles twitch and sometimes my legs jump at night and magnesium makes it go away. So magnesium works really well and it has benefits.

  22. Thanks for all the info and advice guys! I really appreciate the help. Much love to y’all!

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