1. I would love heavy GLs to be meta. I’ve been a special heavy’s gl main forever and I think, if we ever got a heavy GL with micro missile, field prep, full court, it would be over. I also realize this will never happen but pipe dreams are as such

  2. some players have this issue more than others. I'm a new player as well and haven't got this issue as much as others, but there's player made guides everywhere with several fixes.

  3. I hope they work for you, there's still a small chance that your game will crash even after these, but it's very drastically decreased

  4. I bought the ultimate edition for 24 since I had some buddies buying it as well. I'm already 30hours in and haven't even left DC yet, and I haven't gotten past world tier 1 yet either (partly because I sped ahead and now I'm going back to help friends) but it's a ton of fun playing, even better with friends that you can choose your build based on and joke with.

  5. It really is a great game,the skyboxes,art style,music,gunplay and the lore is pretty great if you get into it.

  6. division 2 is the game that a handful of my clan run in the background of D2, it just scratches the same sorta itch. something about "loot first, shoot later"

  7. Too bad it’s unplayable now on pc. It crashes every 5 minutes.

  8. a typically graceful position, ready to shoot to the window should he imagine anything move outside!

  9. I just checked and this shader has never been sold in the eververse store so maybe this one won’t come up seeing as it wasn’t an “earned” shader.

  10. Unless you’re using a SteamDeck/Linux. Game is super stable there right now. Ubi put out an update recently to allow the game to work on Linux/Proton, and that translation layer really works some magic. I’ve been on it for a couple days now, not a single crash or anything.

  11. I've had several crashes, but they've been rare. they seem to be completely random to the person playing as far as I've seen.

  12. 1, but I think a decent helmet may suit that set better (but that's just imo, the drip is still dope!)

  13. YTA. she tried to do you a favor, and those shops were still being visited. you rejected her favors and returned packages that were rightfully hers, not yours. you suck as a parent.

  14. Because the craftable ones from Duality were a mistake, so they adjusted to long forward.

  15. it's because they released 4 other opulent weapons to get from the crown of sorrow/leviathan. it'd be a bad pr move to only make 4 of the 6 returning opulent weapons craftable.

  16. They should have just put them in with the rest, TBH.

  17. true, but at least we won't have to worry about dungeon red borders anymore.

  18. as soon as the adept drops, you can slot any adept mods into it before you load into another area or mission iirc. it may have been fixed and this is a new bug tho.

  19. omg I didn't realize it was that bad for wade, I feel bad for him but at the same time he makes it so fkn funny!

  20. Average FPS for everyone I know dropped drastically ever since Witch Queen came out. Fearing the worst for Lightfall...

  21. More than likely it will be attached to a Secret mission or getting all the lore pages for this season.

  22. you can see the reward for the lore in the triumphs, it's a ghost shell. the ship will prolly come about later in the season for a special quest or something.

  23. It's the Wendigo this week, not Militia's, that's the reason I'm confused

  24. did you claim the nightfall seasonal challenge that gives you a nightfall weapon? that weapon is a set one, this time around it's militias birthright.

  25. you're your own artificial difficulty, running into content while under level and while also clearly not understanding the system Bungie put in place.

  26. Eris is witchy and goth, which makes people associate her with the wizard class, but her aesthetics cause people to miss that she's a survivalist and a field scout.

  27. there's also a warlock finisher that uses Eris' rock, so I assume that adds to the confusion. it did for me, I saw it last night and thought "isn't Eris a hunter?"

  28. honestly, as much as I see people say "hurrdurr warlock boring" it's the most fun I've had playing destiny. each subclass build just feels so satisfying to complete, and shadebinder is just so much fun, especially with a desperado/headstone liminal vigil!

  29. almost gave me a stroke running dire ahamkara on void lmao, they're dope fits!

  30. This reminds me of that story of a Japanese dog who waited for years by a train station. Heartbreaking 💔.

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