Father-in-law hit his first hole in one at 69

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  1. It's the same everywhere. Almost every bar gets it from the same distributor. It's almost asking where's the best bud light?

  2. A huge part of a good Guinness is the pub cleaning their lines. If they don’t do this, the beer tastes like shit. In Ireland, Guinness send out representatives to every single pub to ensure the lines are cleaned and that the taste is the very best possible. I get the feeling that some pubs, especially those serving Guinness in the US, don’t clean their lines as often as they should. Long story short, it isn’t the same everywhere.

  3. Who is broadcasting it?

  4. Wow im super jealous. I am going to bay area next week and was going to play cinnabar and coyote creek. Might have to give ul coyote creek to play pasatiempo

  5. Good idea for a list, nice switchup from the Top100 style.

  6. Personally, Valley Club is top of the list. Pasatiempo second with Meadow Club and Claremont closely behind.

  7. Congrats. That was the unlikeliest of days given everyone that had Tues tickets this year were allowed to re-purchase for Tues next year due to being rained out.

  8. Sweet shots! Been thinking about bringing my camera with me on courses. Do you ever bring it while walking? I liked your photos so went through your history a bit, see that you use a 5D3. Do you just pick one else to bring or stuff a few into your bag?

  9. I usually bring the 24-70 along. Slowing down pace of play is something I really try to avoid, so having the zoom lens avoids the need to swap out lenses. If I’m walking, I’ll throw it in the large compartment of the push cart.

  10. Are courses usually open in October? Headed out there for my wedding and looking for some options in Tahoe and truckee.

  11. Is this a display case with a glass TW door? Not exactly sure where the ball is being displayed here..

  12. Just buy along Washington the morning of whichever practice round you want to attend. The resellers will be looking to offload on the day-of and it’s waayyy cheaper than buying ahead from Stubhub.

  13. I ordered 770’s with those same shafts in January and I still haven’t gotten mine even built yet wtf?

  14. fwiw I ordered my 790's in early December and theyre finally being delivered next Tuesday. Hopefully January's orders arent far behind.

  15. If he got KBS shafts and TM doesnt have them like everyone else, itll change the date.

  16. I ordered P790's with KBS shafts on December 8th and they're finally arriving on May 3rd. I couldn't believe it when I saw the order finally process yesterday.

  17. A little harsh given the history of the land. From their site: 'Welcome to Yocha Dehe Golf Club which means "home by the spring water" in the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation's native language.'

  18. $200+ a round..... ill just enjoy your photo instead

  19. I played there for $99 this last January. Conditions were great. Wouldn't pay over $200 for Yocha.

  20. Believe it or not it’s actually boxed up ready to go for 5/3. Already picked my jaw up off the floor.

  21. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, “product is in queue” means that it’s not yet been made and is waiting for parts.

  22. This is correct. As I mentioned in another comment, the date has been pushing back since January. I ordered these directly from a buddy who is a TM rep and he has been pretty transparent about the process and status of the order.

  23. I have the physical subscription and like magazine to read through. Less time on the screen.

  24. Hadn’t heard of this raffle. Is it a year end thing? April’s referral is $500 Linksoul cash for the existing member and the new member. Scotty giveaway was last month and only given to the existing member.

  25. This is why I couldn’t find a flag with the year on it Saturday :(

  26. The undated flags are actually rarer than the dates ones. Did you pick one of those up?

  27. Are there scalpers selling tickets? If so, what are tickets going for?

  28. Yes. Resellers are allowed in Augusta but can only do so from 2700ft (approx .5 mile) from ANGC property lines. Prices are all based on supply and demand. Last week, Monday tickets were going for much higher than expected on the morning of due to it being the first fully attended tournament since COVID, Tiger's return, and inclement weather scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Resellers were running out of tickets to sell by 10-11a. In year's past, you could find tickets for $200-300 on the morning. They were going for $500~ this year. Not sure about tournament days, but theyre usually double what the practice rounds go for.

  29. Congrats man. Ordered mine back in early December. The arrival date continues to be pushed back week by week. Currently set for April 27, but was April 19 a day or two ago. Convinced I'll never see them.

  30. Wait can you bring in a camera as a normal guest?

  31. Those are incredible! What do you like to shoot with?

  32. The tee sheet opens one day before to any non-resort guests. I’ve heard plenty of stories of ppl who have gotten on using this method. If it’s just you and your dad you’re more likely to land a time as opposed to a foursome. It’s just whether or not you’d like piece of mind knowing you have a tee time before you head to Pebble.

  33. Ordered P790’s on December 8th. They’re currently scheduled for an April 13 delivery, but the dates been pushing further back since January. Who knows when they’ll arrive 🤷‍♂️

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