What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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  1. I work in supply chain. Everyone from my chain of command to truckers to terminal management were all saying the same thing; last year was the single worst they had ever, ever seen it.

  2. nope. as we are bouncing back, the top part of the organisation is like "see? that wasn't so bad. let's squeeze some more savings again". OK morons, you get what you deserve!

  3. Yeah, man…just yesterday a guy got robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

  4. Good evening sir, is that a Javelin in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  5. Nah, RU can always resupply by air; there's that airfield right near Kherson. :) Sorry, I'm repeating myself.

  6. A pro-Russian troll is trying to takeover

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I once worked in a hotel cleaning the rooms. My horrible boss gave us two cloths, one wet and one dry, to clean and dry EVERYTHING, including the bathrooms. By the end of the shift I would have to pick the pubes off the cups in the tea station after I dried them. I tried to use an extra set of of cloths for this and she stopped me. At least this ridiculous waste of plastic hasn't got the germs of 20 toilets smeared on it!

  8. This why countries shouldn't allow dual nationality. All these traitors must deported after their prison terms.

  9. dual nationality as such is not a problem. dual nationality with some countries is problematic and high risk.

  10. hi, so Art Friday is great but we had an issue this time - I could not tag for Art Friday and got posts delete by Automoderator and the duplicate bot. I am fairly sure there more cases like that. could the moderator team look into this, please?

  11. Oh, same! Refreshed Reddit until 4am, woke up at 8am.

  12. checked on kyiv and zelensky, went to have breakfast. this part of the routine still holds. except i am not worried about Kyiv or Zelensky.but the sunrise posts are great.

  13. I was the same as both of you, I never struggled with panic attacks until until this invasion happened

  14. personally I am doing OK but need to be careful about what I am ready to take o and what I won't watch or consume. take that break, connect with someone else, there is no benefit in ruining yourself. we can only get through this if we stay smart and able to do our part in the world. take care.

  15. Zelenskyy: "Today, the occupiers fired at the Zaporizhia NPP, twice in one day. Any shelling of this facility is a brazen crime, an act of terror. This is not only another argument for recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. This is an argument in favor of applying sanctions against the entire russian nuclear industry – from Rosatom to all related companies and individuals. The one who creates nuclear threats to other nations is definitely not capable of using nuclear technologies safely."

  16. Do we really want to make the Russian NPPs less safe?

  17. you could do both. keep the necessary maintenance happening but no new technology. put the board of Rosatom on the sanction list.

  18. You asked for Czech, but maybe you won't mind a Slovak musician recommended. I think you might be interested to check Marian Varga and his band Collegium Musicum.

  19. I'm listening this album now what you sent. It's really similar to ELP. Big Thanks!

  20. you put some money under your pillow and the glory hole fairy will bring you a map of the nearest glory hole's.

  21. And here was I, worried of insufficient reparation. There's 1 potato for summer, 1 for winter and even one to plant!

  22. 😱 So does that mean a mother who sacrifices her son to fertilize the fields of a foreign land can no longer expect a used car?

  23. Mnoho skutečně podstatných informací se vyskytuje v šedé sféře jelikož svět není černobílý, jsou pak ale také nevyhnutelně kontroverznější než jednostranné názory a tím mnohem náchylnější k nepochopení. Pak se ti může velice snadno stát že někoho vyloučíš za vyjádření rozumného pravdivého názoru, protože pro tvůj vkus zní příliš pro rusky, i když má třeba pravdu.

  24. ježíš ne tohleto. ne. nebudu už nic číst o AI. stačilo. to skratka vůbec není k srovnání. oni vytýkají že se bojovalo mezi civilními budovami. a jak tedy bránit město které je obklíčené? a teď atomka v Zaporoží kterou ostřelují Rusi bůhví proč ale budeme si to tu honit protože to Ukrajinci ve vesnici zaparkovali při škole. jako ne.

  25. Kdyby sis článek otevřel, hned na začátku se píše, že podnikají z těchto oblastí útoky zbraňovými systémy, opravdu se tedy nejedná o pouhé zaparkování. Chápu, že situace si to může vyžadovat, nicméně člověk u nás potom už jen slyší "rusové střílí do civilních cílů" už neslyšíš že Ukrajina z civilních cílů dělá vojenské objekty. To možná nějak neospravedlňuje situaci ale dá ti to perspektivu a zasadí ti situaci do kontextu. Pokud se na něco takového chce člověk z pohodlnosti dívat jednostranně, to radši ať to neřeší vůbec. Ale to je asi jedno.

  26. about the Employer knowing about ADHD. as others said, that is your private info and you have no obligation to disclose. if you need accomodations, just try to ask what you need e.g. "I work better with music one, I hope it's ok to have earphones on during the day. I focus better". ADHD is not a condition that is much discussed and well understood in society do unless you have a serious reason to disclose it, just don't.

  27. oni vám řeknou že to musí protože mají zodpovědnost k akcionářům. tak jestli jste akcionář tak jim napište co od nich chcete. ale je to tak, ty marže jsou nechutné.

  28. Prcat sebevraždu, tím akorát prospěješ určitý skupině lidí, jenž třeba já považuju za nepřítele.

  29. borec má nervy že má dluh 15 tisíc a ty ho posíláš do latinské Ameriky?

  30. tohle skutečně potřebuje odbornou pomoc, vyhořel si nebo máš těžké depresivní stavy. možná ti ten kolega nějak připomínal jak sa choval táta a už si to neunesl. s dobrým psychologem a psychiatrem to půjde. I bez nich to může jít. je důležité aby si věděl že bude líp. máš někoho komu věříš a mohl by ti pomoct s tou domluvou se šéfem? někdy stačí že na tebe počká když to jdeš podepsat a pak si o tom něco řekněte.

  31. I can't use the Art Friday Flair, so most likely will get removed again. but here's the lyrics:

  32. I wasn't concerned about monkey pox much, but you convinced me. I don't want to catch that batch. pandemic precautions it is.

  33. it's a couple of pieces with a good description of what they are and what they are used for. absolutely fantastic to see. It is rusty and the metal is all twisted - makes you think about how powerful the weapons are! they are huge machines - makes you think about what it takes to run and operate one. makes you think how brave Melitopol and Kherson people were to stand in front of these in protest. you contemplate if someone died in that piece of metal and how senseless it all is. you read the names of the places these were recovered from and consider what you know about them. you witness it in person. you take some pictures to show to people later. "Yes, I have seen a Buk. It's a scary piece of murder machine."

  34. But they will use a submarine saying it was an Ukrainian submarine even though they dont have any

  35. oh no, Russia claims they eliminated 250 Ukrainian submarines already. there are no Ukrainian submarines anymore.

  36. Fun fact: Last time a Soviet monument was removed, Estonia had it's first and only riot. Time for popcorn I guess... This time the government should offer the braindead Ruzzkyi Mir rioters a free train ticket to Moscow. :)

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