1. I've been a paranormal investigator for about 30 year and orbs are the bane of my existence. As OcumsRazor said, most orbs can be explained. However, on one of my investigations, we had a video of an orb float around a corner, down the stairs and then turn around and go back up the stairs and around the corner where it came from.

  2. If people can be ghosts, and animals can be ghosts.. wouldn't the world be overrun with them? Ghosts sightings would be a daily occurrence, and we'd all be used to it. "Remember that time we were driving down the A2 and a ghost sparrow flew in the car?"

  3. I've heard pennies from Heaven, but dimes; not so much.

  4. Very good points. Even gearing today is just not fun. “Let me run this sim to figure out to the decimal which is the best gear for me”. I play very casually and don’t care about that stuff, but the sanitized feel of it all irks me. Mostly because I remember was it was like when it first came out.

  5. I remember after heirloom armour came out you could give a set to you low level alt that would scale to their level. I got almost a full set for my level 15 tank, and joined the dungeon queue. I just remember one of the party was a dps and he's inspected my gear and asked the group to kick me out because I only had like 90% heirloom items. I was tanking perfectly fine and also putting out dps comparable to the actual dps players.. yeah it kind of lost some of its early charm.

  6. Agree 100% that those were the major differences between the two games. EQ you actually had a reputation that followed your name - most raids you weren’t getting an invite without someone that knew you.

  7. I remember when I first figured out how quest work in EQ. I had started playing at the same time as my housemate, I was a Barbarian and he was a woodelf-so we were on opposite sides of the world. I ran to the Port at Qeynos then sailed to Freeport and then ran the rest of the way.. it took hours but we finally teamed up. Crushbone keep! Camping the throne room. There was a npc at the dwarf town who say something about [crushbone shoulderpads] and that was the only way you ever found out about a quest. Good times.

  8. Payid is literally the safest payment method. I don't know how else to explain it to you.

  9. Oh that Nigerian prince is a scammer? Huh.. why would a prince need to scam people. You think he'd be well off.

  10. I'll grind weed occasionally as well. But yes, mostly coffee. Sometimes spices.

  11. If "big dishsoap" we're doing this on purpose why would they also provide the cap lid which is the solution to this terrible conundrum?

  12. Great reference bro! Your references are out of control, everyone knows that

  13. I think it is good to know but from a technology perspective what would we do about it anyways?

  14. If we can discover an asteroid when it's nearing its apoapsis, it's slowest highest point in its orbit.. and if it can be predicted to be on course to impact Earth..and if we have a defensive impactor rocket somewhere out there on standby... and if we can get to the asteroid quick enough... it would only take a tiny little bump to knock it tens of thousands of kms off course. That's a lot of ifs.. but I think we're only a few decades away from having a somewhat effective chance at preventing an ELE.

  15. My youngest son is named Rigel, after the brightest star in Orion.

  16. Yeah I think your right, I noticed the lab gets a temperature gauge after a while. Thanks

  17. Driving under speed in the right lane of any 2 lane road. Even if it's 1 lane, and the sign says 70, you should drive 70, not 40.

  18. I was once driving on a semi rural 80kmh road. Wanting to turn right but there was an oncoming car I needed to wait for. Im pulled up with indicator on. This idiot stops in the middle of the road and with a smile tries to wave me through to turn across in front of him. I do the "Italian hands" like what the fuck are you thinking? He keeps trying to politely direct me to go. My partner in the passenger seat says "he's trying to let you go!" Yeah I realise what this idiot is trying to say, it's not going to happen. We're not suddenly gonna flip all give way rules on their head so this guy can feel like he's being considerate or something. I just sat there shaking my head no, started beeping my horn until he gave me an exasperated look and continued on his way.

  19. Same for those idiots walking around in public with their call on speaker.

  20. Holy shit the blinker would be on and I'd be checking my mirror to see if it's clear to pull the car over.

  21. When people talk about the benefits of esk8 it's usually environmentally or less traffic etc.. but for me it's been the mental health aspect primarily. Getting out and exploring. Scouring the map to find new placed to visit, just to ride there. It's changed my life.

  22. At that point lets call them experts

  23. You could use a cat and creeper as a randomiser in a redstone circuit. I guess knowing which way it's more likely to go could be useful. Hmm yeah unlikely.

  24. Thank you for not working as a security person then. However, this individual specifically agreed to do 1 thing. Keep everyone safe, and they fucking ran. Fuck them for abandoning their responsibility.

  25. Fuck yeah dude! I would have ran up wall like Trinity in the Matrix - grab the gun and remove the clip, then use the round in the chamber to shoot the fire extinguisher- blinding the perp. Roundhouse kick to the throat and then just moonwalk out of there.

  26. Wow simply wow, this is your fuck;ng explanation for the security guard hired to satisfy "diversity" quotas abandoning her job at the first sign of trouble? what's the point of even having her? She didn't even try to warn or shout or defuse or anything just ran like a potato and had the dude not stepped in she would have probably received a lead before she even exited the place. When sh;t hits the fan you need a powerful "masculine" man to handle situations, not garbage hired to score woke points. Reddit may ban me for this comment but f*ck this woke shit these moderators atone to. And as for you, well you are the perfect representation of the degradation of "modern" people so as to speak.

  27. That's a lot of words for "we are not a sustainable business."

  28. And the tone of it. The condescending way it talks down like it's meant to address a sulking, insolent child. Just fuck off and keep your pizza.

  29. Yeah, many companies have a fund for this. This is just so sad.

  30. And the people who die are often big contributors to the soda machine funds, so it only goes downhill from there.

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