I finished another bitcoin-painting yesterday

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

Hope to make it to the other side.

I work in greggs. What would you like to know?

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  1. Are your sticks labeled Left and Right? How is only one stick worn? I couldn't tell my sticks apart if you paid me. I don't know how you do it.

  2. That’s why I’m so puzzled. I pick the sticks up randomly and so do the kids. Must have been a really soft piece of wood on one stick!

  3. I don’t hit too hard (probably the reverse if anything). I’ve been playing for a long time so I know my basic technique is fine even though I didn’t pick up sticks for several years before getting this kit.

  4. That means about £2000 a month take-home pay. Average mortgage payment at current rates on a UK average house is now over £1,100 a month. Energy costs probably £300 a month. That leaves you £150 a week for food, clothing, entertainment, petrol, transport etc.

  5. I have a few pounds worth of Croatian kuna in my drawer and now Croatia has switched to the euro. Damn you fiat overlords!

  6. In this case it's probably pound signs😉

  7. Why do Americans call # a pound sign anyway? Is it pound weight? Cos it sure isn’t £ money.

  8. I have a TD-07 and I don’t know if it’s the same but I can get a cross-stick sound by just striking the rim with a medium power. If you hit it too hard you get a full on rim shot which would be kind of embarrassing on stage.

  9. I was just gonna mention Ayr as well!

  10. I have no idea why that's a thing in Gloucester. No one in Bristol puts BS** on their plates.

  11. Close to where I live the postcodes are GU51, GU52 etc, and I see quite a few plates with those too. I wonder if anyone is sad enough to have the same plate as their postcode? (last part would have to start with a 0 for that to work I guess)

  12. I found it: the restaurant has to be in the plaza ok in tigard, Oregan. It's the only place with a Lululemon and a Pastini in the same block

  13. And the guy who posted it on Twitter lives in Eugene. The sign was right here.

  14. Oh ok.... i've seen some geolocation folks use fancy tools that find, like, a wind farm close to a railway station and a canal in order to narrow down mystery photos.

  15. Milk and temperature affect it. I found that longer steeps at lower temperatures (say, 90C instead of 100C on my temp control kettle) reduces the amount of floaters, but it does increase the optimal steeping time from 3 minutes to about 5.

  16. I often put the milk in straight away. It doesn't affect the flavour IMHO but does virtually eliminate floaters.

  17. A lot of people will think this is heresy, but seriously, try it before you flame me. Put the milk in first, or at least immediately when you add the hot water. It stops the tannins and other gunk forming on the surface, and does not affect the flavour.

  18. I mean nothing screams libertarian freedom than (checks notes) a catholic hardliner who wants to destroy the current government in order to install an even more oppressive religious monarch.

  19. It’s also useful because you can’t really use that wall for anything else. If you put the radiator on a different wall then you can’t put furniture against it, whereas the space under the window is always going to be empty.

  20. Technically money laundering is dealing with the proceeds of crime, so not paying tax on it does become money laundering. What you said is also a form of money laundering.

  21. Money laundering would be, I have a load of cash from some dodgy source, so I’ll open up a shop that takes cash and run the dodgy cash through the till to “pay” for lots of fictitious haircuts. Now my dodgy cash is the legitimate profits of a surprisingly successful hair salon that somehow manages to fit in several hundred haircuts a week despite only having three chairs.

  22. There’s a Turkish barbers in my small town which until recently only took cash. They do now take cards but there still always seems to be three times as many staff as customers, and a steady succession of shady-looking guys who come in, talk to the staff in hushed voices in what I assume is Turkish, then disappear into the back room.

  23. Farnham could also be a good option. Nice town, good shops and close to lovely countryside. Some direct trains into London, sometimes you have to change at Woking.

  24. Nooooo, transaction fees will be sizeable when 1 satoshi = 1 usd, 1BTC=1BTC, bitcoin will go to the moon, etc etc etc etc etc /s

  25. And the network allows literally…. several transactions per second! Like nearly 10, almost. Globally!

  26. “Spending hours on YouTube” is their measure of education. Classic.

  27. It’s the same mentality as conspiracy nuts, flat earthers and Alex Jones fans. “I’ve done ma reee-surch!”

  28. Your floor tom looks much too close to the snare, how can you even get your leg to the pedal? Other than that it’s not massively different to my setup although your toms look to be tilted at quite a steep angle and the whole thing seems a bit cramped.

  29. I’ll have to try that - I’ve been playing around moving the pads but don’t think I’ve got it sorted yet.

  30. Could it be one of the bolts that attaches the module to the frame/mounting hardware on the bottom of the module? I'm not familiar with that particular module.

  31. Good suggestion but no, that just has a long bolt through the bottom of the module.

  32. I read this out to my wife, amazed. She went ‘well yeah obviously where would a bridge lead to?’ two types of people I guess.

  33. I think she just assumed that the Amazon is mostly remote so wouldn’t need bridges between places on its banks. But I thought there were cities on the Amazon river so I was surprised.

  34. And even then it literally cuts the country in two, did she not think people in northern Brazil might want to visit the south and vice versa?

  35. How in the hell he is keeping custody of his children??

  36. We decided on two queues at the grocery. One to initiate the transaction. The other to wait ten minutes until it confirms.

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