1. Victims of communism (that I can name off my head)

  2. The Khmer Rouge, which killed 25% of Cambodia's population in 4 years

  3. The scary thing is that it’s tno any of these could be true with the right focuses.

  4. Well, the Soviet Union did ultimately collapse and former Nazi’s are now running NATO and fascists and neocons have their greasy fingers all over the MIC/US - so technically the poll isn’t wrong.

  5. Evidence of everything other than the soviet part because it’s all lies.

  6. Why did immediately think it would be real funny if repost bots started posting this?

  7. Why wouldn't it? It's a superstate comprising hundreds of millions, if not billions of people all from different countries, speaking different languages and practicing different religions that was formed from an opportunistic landgrab by a colonial overlord they aren't familiar with following a period of sudden instability currently ruled over by a cartoonishly-evil man who doesn't know how to run a country, let alone a colony that large. The only thing keeping Mittelafrika alive as long as it does is plot armour for the sake of gameplay.

  8. Some reachmen tribes worship him as the top god so some people are just born into it .

  9. Part of me almost wants to make an alt and just troll that subreddit until that account gets banned.

  10. Imagine if the exact same firewall, everything exactly the same, except it was implemented by the US to block Chinese sites...

  11. Yes because as you see it’s okay okay when the communists do it.

  12. “Sorry comrade, we already have artist, musician, drag queen and photographer, it’s off to the coal mine for you.”

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