1. Yeah the Joker is pretty full of himself. He puts himself #1 of the best live action jokers.

  2. I’d deadass give em 4 & a swap tbh if it was true but I doubt it

  3. Love Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru too. Hopefully, they stay safe as well.

  4. I played the Arkham Games in the weirdest order. The first game that introduces me into the Arkham games was Origins and I loved it and would play every day over and over again. After that big time skip I played Arkhan Knight (My personal opinion is the best). And then I played City, then asylum which didn't have the same effect to me as I did everyone else. I still love Asylum but I would have to say it's my least favorite.

  5. Damn this was the game that introduced me in to the Arkham verse. 7 years feels like yesterday.

  6. Yeah they really weren't prepared. "Yeah I can't wait for untitled dc film"

  7. If we're talking to the hawks their gonna ask for Smart, they've been wanting him for a while so I don't see this happening. I hope it doesn't happen as well.

  8. We don’t need much - maybe a PG that can play 10–15 min a game, distribute first and shoot 35% + on open 3’s, along with Tatum, Brown & Rob staying healthy and taking a step forward. But after coming so close, it’s gonna be a long season, hoping we get and improve and are ready to rock the post season all the way to the Chip!

  9. I think we need a guy who hustles for the ball. Seeing PP staring at the ball as it goes by him made me really mad

  10. Idk how many times I've seen Derrick White drive into the paint with a wide opem player in the corner

  11. Mr Fantastic: Clint, Black Bolt could destroy you with one whisper from his mouth.

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