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  1. First recommendation would be break this off before he leaves.

  2. I know Mbappe is on the pitch but this is one of the worst French teams I can remember being fielded.

  3. Think there was more meat on the bone for a Danielson v MJF feud, but after Mox’s promo after All Out I can’t help but feel like he deserves this and is the true AEW top guy

  4. I have no idea what the hell ROH is anymore but that’s hilarious, I’m all for Jericho being a champion in any capacity

  5. I actually disagree entirely that comp wins don’t dictate how good of a player someone is. Some people value it. Some people don’t. That’s literally the entire foundation of the game. If Michael never wins a comp this season would we consider him a great player? Turner is certainly not great at being up front about his decision making which may cost him jury votes in the end but to say he is a horrible player is incorrect.

  6. If I couldn’t have Michael, this is as good of a final 4 as I could ask for.

  7. Where is the option for “MK with a guarantee that Reptile will have a human skin”

  8. Just got an instant rush of “oh my god I miss Joseph”

  9. Regal just made “I have no idea who this is” sound poetic

  10. Is it weird that if Punk is let go or suspended, I’m incredibly excited for whatever the fuck happens to the title after

  11. Dude was 1 ft away from Miz making no noise on that phone call

  12. Dom looks like he’s going to a Monster energy drink-themed funeral

  13. Feel like the Acclaimed just graduated. Fucking amazing match

  14. I’m assuming the hinting at Swerve and Keith’s bad chemistry will lead to their demise but damn was that a barn burner

  15. As a child of divorce, the trick or treat scenes were brutal. This movie is in my top 20 for sure.

  16. Good news is Fofana looks comfortable enough. That’s about all I’ve got.

  17. I've never watched the Amazing Race, but I would so watch if they paired Turner and Jasmine together!

  18. I love Andrade’s gimmick of knowing absolutely nothing about anyone at all times

  19. There's a raider boss with a Fat Man at the top of a building just north of the Corvega Assembly Plant.

  20. My wife watched me die maybe twenty times attempting to get through this area and laughed harder and harder each time I got exploded

  21. Monte has grown on me to the point where I now want to see him win?

  22. he’s been showcased to the house as the biggest threat, still hasn’t been sent home and on live feeds is actually great with day-to-day conversation

  23. Trev was getting on everything, had that one hiccup when trying to contest Vardy but other than that he earned his spot

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