1. I’m fairly certain majority of players here don’t sleep in Stasis

  2. I only noticed that they all are green and have Duelist in the name

  3. You can tell why Magnum is Ace's personal Buckle. Him with two guns and blasters on the arms/legs is no joke.

  4. Ugh on a side note, I forgot how horrible the colours looked on the JL 2017 version.

  5. Why are people freaking out over this when there are numerous Security + 1 plays already present?

  6. This looks better proportioned and better looking suit than the tv show

  7. His Journeys team was his strongest team ever, and has some of my favorite Pokemon.

  8. It is true though. None of his other Pokémon have the same level of feats as the JNs team. They literally took on Elite 4 and Champion-tier Trainers their whole career.

  9. Look! Pretty lights, shadows and standard camera angles to convey story!

  10. They should’ve had him as the final hurdle for the Masters 8. Then, have Raihan in the actual Masters 8…because he is a actual Rival to Leon.

  11. Still a firm believer that Greninja is Ash’s second strongest Pokémon and this is coming from an Alola/Journeys stan lol.

  12. I can’t believe that until he actually has the same feats as his Journeys team. Kalos League was nothing compared to PWC. However, he did hold his own against Mega Gardevoir in a imperfect state.

  13. When Groot busted through the gates and said “it’s Christmas time!”, I was shook.

  14. Like a lot of the American Kaijus, they are either uninspired, bland or overdesigned.

  15. In some ways…I think Anakin’s radical approach could’ve been great. I feel like the Jedi died off because of hubris and could not adapt to changing times.

  16. Aliens vs. Predator was not a sequel to Alien or Predator.

  17. By that logic Justice League is the third installment of Mos since it concluded Supes' resurrection and carried on the story of Bvs.

  18. Enhanced Shield Throw with more aggressive tracking and damage. Shield Throw hits and Volatile explosions grant melee energy

  19. Ppl that laugh at you in a reg raid encounter are just immature or not actually that good at the game. You can do any boss with the shittiest LFR. Now if you jumped in with an lmg, maybe it's understandable.

  20. Am I the asshole if I ask someone to swap to a more appropriate weapon for an encounter (if possible)?

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