1. Problem is that few gunsmiths will work on vintage Colt's - that can even apply to cleaning them when it entails dissassembling the lockwork.

  2. Just for a screw you shouldn’t have any itar issues. Check out Numrich Gun Parts Corp. website is gunpartscorp , they break down old guns for parts also occasionally have new ones. May also be able to find it on ebay. Besides that i’d ask the gun clubs in your country if they have any sources for parts.

  3. Unfortunately Numrich only ships overseas to Canada and US Territories - the only US surplus parts seller I know of that will ship internationally is Sarco, and that's through their export services.

  4. Thank you. I'm keeping it and will get to the range this week and try it out. I have several boxes of old ammunition. I'm told I need to clean it soon after firing.

  5. I wouldn't say curled. The damaged edge is sloped on the outside of the barrel. The inside of the barrel is a uniform circle with no damage.

  6. The cylinder face is a little shiny but since the position is always inconsistent it might not cause an obvious wear pattern compared to the stationary barrel.

  7. Cracks typically propagate from from the inner edge of the mouth, and are

  8. the side plate is friction fit, so as the inner edge surfaces are relieved by wear it will gradually loosen.

  9. Unfortunately, I can't move the target closer. All targets are placed 25 metres (82 feet) away, so there's no way I can change that.

  10. 22lr is much more forgiving of weaknesses in your grip - what you're experiencing isn't uncommon when rimfire pistol shooters first start shooting centerfire.

  11. that, or maybe one of the Nerf guns that had a revolver cylinder

  12. whatever caliber you choose - don't assume that you have to buy a factory-new revolver to get one that will hold up and function well. Nice 2nd hand models from S&W, Ruger & Colt will easily outlive you if they're not abused.

  13. Last week, the front fiber on Barney the 460 XVR flew off mid shoot. So I swapped it with one from a bigger XVR and put a random front sight I found on the big XVR. It fits! Then, couldnt hit paper at 45 feet with the 44 Mag Hunter. Moved target to 25 feet - same result! Looked closer - stupid front sight is loose like the nuts on a moose, about to fly off. Grrrr. Smitty retension the main spring on the MR73, it runs proper now, but I have to figure out how to lighten pull weight. Last time I tried, I rooted it proper.

  14. I really wish a company would bring back the webley in more modern calibers.

  15. Someone did a run of them in 357 magnum for like $6k or some stupid number like that. And now they’re rare and probably cost more

  16. I think Anderson Wheeler still makes them, on order - and yes, they were £6,500 last I looked which is about $8,000.

  17. I wonder if it had been prepped for refinishing - several spots appear to have been deliberately sanded & that looks like the original (lighter) bluing .

  18. Red dots actually make a lot of sense for single actions

  19. That's a Jim Boland creation - Boland was a famous 1911 builder & customizer who's commonly known for his development of long slide 1911's.

  20. these guys are right about the general availability of 44spl - if you do get a 44spl though, look around for ammo 'remanufacturers' in your area. 44spl ammo tends to be a niche for them & they'll typically discount that if you return your brass.

  21. I had never heard of them, but I just checked their website. I have a bit of totally justified moral outrage about this gun.

  22. that's do-able as long as you don't actually shoot .357's - the boxer isn't even rated for .38spl +P

  23. Right, their website is kind of horse crap being completely honest

  24. If you don't get an answer, here's a calculator for estimating the adjustment in inches that you can work from ..

  25. Here are three idiots, and three magnum research bfr fire balls. It's glorious these photos where taken, at different days. But I have now sadly ran out of 450 marlin ammo, handing this thing off to friends or anyone really. These 2 are friends of mine and the bfr draws people in, or makes them leave.

  26. MR has done a good job with the BFR's - not just the design and build of the revolver, but the whole customization and chambering range they now offer.

  27. Gorgeous. And super cool that it's built on an OP. While I'll go to bat for the Officer's Model Match, the plain truth is that it's big for a .22 any way you slice it. It looks like this work by King brings the gun more in line with K-22 dimensions.

  28. I do not know the functional details. I can strip an E frame down but I don’t understand what all the parts do. This gun is super accurate for probably many reasons so hard to say if the short throw is part of that. I’d say likely. I’ve gotten no light strikes

  29. I did a quick bit of research on King's short-throw modifications for Colt DA's ..

  30. What you're looking for is the elusive .500 Special cartridge. Maybe .500 Schofield.

  31. exactly - you'd want to dial down to 500 S&W Special for any chance to keep most SD bullet designs from turning to shards.

  32. it basically is - H&R ceased operations in the mid 80's. In the early 90's, one of the ex-employees started a new company ( H&R 1871 ) that resumed production of some of the original revolver designs under the NEF brand ( New England Firearms).

  33. Far as I can tell their the only ones still making them.

  34. I believe that. You can find break-front competition holsters for revolvers, but I haven't seen anything like a proper duty holster.

  35. At this point you can either buy a new nelson, or hope to get lucky on the used market. It's hard to even find a true duty holster of any kind for a revolver now.

  36. Dude, i may be Crazy but i use plastic wall plugs... Not saying to you to do The same, Just sharing my crazyness

  37. Good eye! I have a 629 3" I think was likely a Lew Horton gun, and a buddy of mine has a Lew Horton 24. Comparing the two, the 24 has quite a bit more pronounced barrel taper. I didn't expect there to be too much difference, but the 24 in the hand is a noticeably more svelte gun.

  38. It's my understanding that all contemporary 3" N-Frames were Lew Horton editions - that barrel length was only manufactured on-order apparent.

  39. Bingo. Been drooling over these for years but never got to handle one. Fucking sexy as fuck

  40. that's true - .357 Magnum's SAAMI standard max pressure was dialed down by 25% in the mid 90's & about the same for .44 Magnum.

  41. Found this note announcing the results of initial testing of S&W's new .357 Magnum revolver by the Scientific Crime Detection Lab @ Northwestern University from July of 1935. - Production of the .357 Magnum had begun in April of that year.

  42. Thanks for the help! Also just a random question.. Why is it that there is so few people that know how to work on these when they are still heavily sought after??

  43. The two major factors IMO are that Colt had stopped producing double action revolvers in 1999 and only resumed recently, and that the knowledge and skillset needed to start working on Colts is greater than with S&W's and Rugers.

  44. Thank you so much!! That’s ashame that a true skill like working on colts is slowly dying…

  45. The new Colt models should help bring in some new blood.

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