1. My favourite Crowley delivery is in his first episode when he gives Sam and Dean the Colt so they can try to kill Lucifer with it, and Sam tries to kill Crowley with it. “Oh, yeah, right, you'll probably need some more ammunition.”

  2. I thought we should fill the basement with water and have it be our indoor pool. No one went down there anyway and who wouldn’t want an indoor pool?

  3. Went to Bath and Body Works today and they had Christmas candles out. Which isn’t surprising when they started selling their Pumpkin stuff in July.

  4. She did the same to me at a late night show like 5 years ago. I’ll never see her again. I read she does this a lot.

  5. Saw her about 10 years ago in Toronto. No opener. They kept playing the same 5 Michael Jackson songs over and over again. She finally came out around 1130 and a lot of people had already left because it was a weekday (I think a Tuesday).

  6. Lmao nobody who paid those outrageous ticket prices for Lady Gaga I doubt anyone was leaving like that before the show…

  7. That’s why I stayed! But a lot did leave. shrug

  8. His first line was, “Rosemary’s baby” which is just an unnerving thing to say to a total stranger lol. I always crack up at that line.

  9. But he was trying to impress her by saying he understood her Ruth Gordon with the tannis root reference.

  10. This is my gripe right here. I recently lost access to some of my favorite content when Paramount created their streaming service. Do they think we’re each going to open dozens of individual paid accounts? Ads are getting ridiculous too. On Hulu if I watch and add, but then rewind past the add break… forced to watch it again.

  11. I lost my place in an episode once but it was impossible to find it because anytime I rewound/fast forwarded it would play an ad. I just stopped using their service and never did finish that episode.

  12. My “people skills” are “rusty”.

  13. I really don’t think so. I think she would have left him a message at least.

  14. We’re on a road trip, we forgot our tunes, Rory is map-obsessed, and I just ended up, uhhhh, breaking up with you. So anyway, have a good summer, byeee!

  15. They use the word “daily” too much

  16. An exponential amount of times. A plethora of dailies.

  17. Never noticed this before! Gunther CentralPerk is a great guy.

  18. I always thought Lorelai was able to reference books because Rory had read them and talked about them so she has a general idea of the plot. She recommends Out of Africa to Rachel but admits she hasn’t actually read it, but Rory said it was good. Just like my husband could make a “faerie porn” joke about A Court of Thorns and Roses even though he hasn’t read a word of any of the books, he’s just heard me talking about them.

  19. I forget they are siblings too. They definitely need a lot more interaction.

  20. But they got the "essence" of the pasta sauce.

  21. Did any schools actually use the letter grades on paper? Like in all my years of school I've never had anyone slap anything other than a number on my work ( beyond a report card that is )

  22. Some of my university professors did. Other professors used percentages. It was weird.

  23. Agree. I like the character but I think the actor is terrible.

  24. Yeah, I was okay with Claire’s personality I just felt like it was played a little bit too over the top.

  25. I feel comfortable saying that I'm a confident and competent driver; however getting honked at by an impatient driver behind me on a 'right turn red' makes me anxious! Let me make my own decision when it feels safe to turn :(

  26. I watched a car get honked at to turn right on red when they were waiting for a pedestrian to cross with their baby in a stroller during a walk signal.

  27. Evelyn was way nicer than Mary, and Edith. He didn't match with either of them. Would have been nice if they passed Lavinia to him. Haha

  28. I think Lavinia would be perfect for him!

  29. It's okay if you didn't like the pregnancy plot. I enjoyed it because it was a sign of Luke and Lorelai progressing in their relationship and as characters. At this point they both deserved to be happy, together and to have a family with all the pomp and circumstance.

  30. The pregnancy plot was ok but it was ridiculous how she talked to the doctor about it.

  31. Ugh!! I was just going to start a rewatch. I feel like it wasn’t on for very long.

  32. Try a hot water bottle sweater or one those ones that fit into a stuffed animal. Hope you feel better soon.

  33. Violet: "oh goody-goody" when Isobel says the card game will last ages

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