1. Imagine being a friend of someone that got this done to them as a permanent thing, and every time you're out at a bar, they start doing the forearm-together thing to impress someone, or because someone asked to see it.

  2. It's basically the tattoo version of that friend who tells you a really interesting and entertaining story, and you enjoyed it, then later you realize they keep telling the exact same story to every new person they meet, and you end up hearing it 400 times

  3. [O]riginal [C]ontent, meaning a picture you took yourself, not something that you found on a calendar or screen-captured from somewhere on the internet..

  4. They're only a compliment if you're tipping more than the standard for whatever the business or server is doing for you.

  5. They are a compliment because I am giving you something that is not in the agreed price of the service. Why do you think it's called a "tip" and not "service fee"?

  6. Was a "senior consultant" as a job title and compensation , worked in IT but did all sorts of different roles over the previous decade - senior project manager, business analyst, data analyst, strategist, facilitator, service manager... whatever was demanded at the time.

  7. Remember Biden's administration accurately called the imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

  8. I am also not into bdsm, but I want to take the original painting ,which shows Saint Sebastian in pain, and twist and turn into the opposite. So instead him being in pain his in pleasure, and instead of a divine and holy portrait, its a photo which captures a moment of lust. I really hope this means sense 🙏

  9. It does, but your vision is not shared, and that means it still looks like tortureporn.

  10. We shouldn't have unproductive government employees. All government employees should be productive.

  11. Lot going on with this plate, fam. Would have to taste it before commenting further, seeing a lot of toppings there, perhaps too much. Might benefit from a little more risotto though.

  12. It’s delicious, just right- the topping is simple and flavorful. I can’t have much rice so this is still too much risotto for me but I’m sure others could plate theirs with more… my daughter only ate a giant plate of risotto with lingonberry jam on it so no accounting for taste I guess

  13. Gotcha. Food's funny that way, maybe next time plate with an eye toward what most other people would look for if they don't have your sensitivities, before sharing with the world for their critique.

  14. First time I ever saw one was at an aquarium when I was about 3 or 4 and they were pulling a dead one out of a tank.

  15. He's very interested in animals in general and loves all the non-fiction books about them we can find at the library

  16. If that's the case, embrace it. I fondly recall my own kids and how they loved stuff like fishing with me or watching nature documentaries or just spending time with dad on things that dad was interested in.

  17. It also looks like it could be MiddleEarthPorn.

  18. Always good to remember that Middle Earth's envisioning was based on Our Earth.

  19. Eriophorum are such underrated plants. They look like little Truffula Trees! They're wrapping up here in New England too.

  20. Hey, if you push the control inward after setting, does it dispense toothpaste?

  21. Different people have different definitions of their soulmate, and some are actually pretty common... and some are almost impossible to be real.

  22. There's a vid of him saying that his opponent is a pastor that doesn't believe in redemption. 'm not religious, but my understanding of redemption in any setting, religious or otherwise, is that you're truly sorry for your mistakes and that you've somehow learn from them and try to make amends.

  23. If the UN could prevent war, it would be more powerful than the warring nations.

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