1. Concrete has inherently more grip than asphalt, thus why it is concrete out of the tunnel just incase people, like me, are carrying way too much speed exiting the tunnel

  2. that was an insane amount of shots, I thought it was going to be like 1 warning shot

  3. He should've challenged the guy and started yelling "it's a prank, it's a prank" as he's choking him unconscious.

  4. My wife's mom is like this. Fucking any abrupt sound or movement she's always screaming or doing this. Ffs

  5. I'm not reading the comments, so let me guess what happened. Tell me of I'm wrong.

  6. I'm never one to chose violence but rest assured, I will do unspeakable things to protect the ones I love.

  7. I bought mine from a thread made here a few weeks ago. It was out of stock so long, I Gucci'd the gun out way before the rod became available. The last mod I want is a brass backstrap for the compact frame.

  8. You know the phrase "calm down" sets people off, so you have to pull out the phone now become the victim.

  9. This just happened to me tonight. Invited to a convoy, 5 of us, I see us, I can't find any of us on the map. Finally meet up in Mexico main horizon, went for a drive, everyone disappeared.

  10. I feel for you man, ever since launch I've had this exact issue and nothing has been done about it. Me and my friend couldn't play together no matter what, he gave up and never played the game again sadly...

  11. Never had this issue in FH4, still to this day. The shit thing about FH5 is that you might have 5~8 players in a session. FH4, I regularly see 30 plus.

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