1. incredible stuff. hate that the art on this subreddit doesn’t get much attention

  2. I turned my killcam off back in 2019 during my first playthru and it’s still off. It’s annoying af.

  3. lol damn really? i feel like it doesn’t happen very often

  4. i would love to see more straight up gameplay of interesting or cinematic or funny moments. the game is big enough to never run out of those. i’ve posted several but they are very hit or miss. some have gotten a ton of views and others get nothing

  5. It's not the human part that's opposed to nature, it's the engineering. For example, humans are a part of nature, but a car is not. A skyscraper is not natural, but the architect is. Make sense?

  6. i definitely see where you’re coming from. i think it’s interesting where we draw the line. would you say early humans fashioning tools out of rocks, for example, was outside of nature?

  7. Well yes, if the tools were indeed purposely fashioned.

  8. yeah i mean this is all logical, i still think it’s an interesting line. if humans are naturally occurring, then isn’t everything we do also naturally occurring? we are still just animals after all

  9. Oh look. It's viral marketing.

  10. honest question: what do you think they should do instead to market their game?

  11. and hold to chug for the impatient among us. i also wish drinking an ENTIRE bottle of whiskey would actually make me drunk???

  12. incredible shot. one of the most beautiful games of all time

  13. programmer's wife: “so what you did you do at work today.”

  14. and i salute him for that. the detail is where this game shines

  15. i’ve been playing this game forever and never seen him! or noticed him rather

  16. This really has to be one of the most pointless remakes I’ve ever seen. The original isn’t even a decade old yet, still looks great, and was one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. It hardly seems worth the effort to remake the whole game for a few minor graphical and gameplay tweaks.

  17. i wouldn’t call the gameplay differences between 1 and 2 “tweaks”. huge updates to movement, AI, physics, realism, freedom of choice, etc.

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