1. “the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now… NEXT CHAPTER”

  2. I know you won’t see this lol but thank you Tyler for everything you do! <3

  3. This big group science project thing required for IB. Mine is in 2 weeks smh

  4. Wait for juniors? I'm in year 12 next year and that when we would be starting it.

  5. Oh, maybe that’s just my school then sorry! I think every school does it slightly differently

  6. omg yesss i see you in the taylor sub sometimes hahahaha

  7. Omg yes back in elementary school I used to pick flowers in the field behind the playground during recess and then water them and give them to my mom when I got home from school 🥲

  8. Very good! Some really nice harmony vocals in there

  9. I was aiming for top 100%, cuz I have a friend who managed it last year, but didnt hit top numbers apparently, so gonna have to up my game next year. (I did get higher than my friend tho, so it's a win)

  10. I’m so pumped for the new music!! Also holy shiz I can’t wait till Car Radio/Heathens unplugged is on spotify!!!

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